The temples of Russia are the most beautiful in the world. So that religious buildings could admire people for centuries, brilliant architects, engineers, and painters worked painstakingly at their erection. We find out which monasteries and temples in Russia are the most beautiful.

The temples of Russia are amazing beauty and grandeurThe temples of Russia are amazing beauty and grandeur

The most beautiful wooden cathedrals

The architectural heritage of Russia includes ancient monuments erected from wood. An important place among them is occupied by wooden churches and cathedrals.

Church of the Transfiguration in Kizhi

The magnificent wooden structure on the island of Kizhi - Church of the Transfiguration. It was laid at the end of the XVI century, but the original version was burned by lightning. The church was rebuilt, this time ascended to a height of 37 meters, in 1714. She seemed to have gone from the pages of a fairy tale or Russian epic, its design is so peculiar. During the construction of the famous Kizhi church, the masters, whose names did not reach our days, did not use a single nail.
Church of the Transfiguration in KizhiChurch of the Transfiguration in Kizhi

Wooden temples in Suzdal

In the city of Suzdal, a museum of wooden architecture was created: here are collected old wooden churches of the Vladimir region. All of them belong to different epochs and are of considerable interest both from historical and architectural points of view. For example, the Transfiguration Church, transferred to the Suzdal Museum from the village of Kozlyatyevo, is a multi-tiered wooden church with a height of 67 meters. A masterpiece of old Russian wooden architecture has preserved a carved wooden iconostasis and an oil painting of anonymous village artists.
Transfiguration Church in the Suzdal Museum of ArchitectureTransfiguration Church in the Suzdal Museum of Architecture
The organization of the museum in Suzdal began with the transfer of the wooden Nikolskaya church, built in the second half of the 18th century, from the village of Glotovo. St. Nicholas Church is built without a single nail and delights with its attendant modesty grace.
Nikolskaya (Glotovskaya) wooden churchNikolskaya (Glotovskaya) wooden church
The old Ascension Church, built in 1776, was transported from the village of Potakino in the Kameshkovsky district to the museum. Refers to the architectural type of "ship".
Ascension Church in SuzdalAscension Church in Suzdal

The most beautiful stone temples and monasteries

Often, monasteries and temples were built of wood, but later rebuilt in the stone version. The most beautiful stone religious buildings of the country represent a kind of spiritual chronicle of Russia, which can be easily seen by getting acquainted with their history closer.

Kazan Cathedral in Petersburg

The Kazan Cathedral is considered to be the greatest religious building in St. Petersburg. Its main facade is the permanent architectural dominant of Nevsky Prospect. Many note the similarity of the Kazan Cathedral with the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rome. The giant curving Kazan colonnade consists of 96 columns, each 13 meters high. The central place of the cathedral is the radiant All-Seeing Eye - the symbol of the divine trinity.
Kazan Cathedral in St. PetersburgKazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg

Epiphany Cathedral in Moscow

In Elokhovo (Moscow) is the Epiphany Cathedral, which boasts not only a complex multi-stage architecture, but also another interesting fact: built in 1837, the temple did not close for a single day, even during the Soviet church repression.
Epiphany Cathedral in YelokhovoEpiphany Cathedral in Yelokhovo

Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir

Another cathedral Orthodox church of extraordinary beauty is located in Vladimir - this is the Assumption Cathedral. It was on his model that the eponymous cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin was erected. In the Uspensky Cathedral in Vladimir, unique cultural monuments of the XII century are kept - these are works by unknown artists, and icons by the well-known Andrey Rublev, as well as masters of the XVII – XVIII centuries.
Assumption Cathedral in VladimirAssumption Cathedral in Vladimir

Annunciation Cathedral in Kazan

Annunciation Cathedral erected on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin. This is the first, oldest building of the architectural complex. At first the temple was wooden, but later its walls were rebuilt in stone. The Annunciation Cathedral acquired its final form in 1736 - then the domes of the church were redone.
Annunciation Cathedral in the Kazan KremlinAnnunciation Cathedral in the Kazan Kremlin

Balaam in Karelia

The most famous monastery of Russia is located in Karelia, on one of the islands of Lake Ladoga. Vallam is a unique collection of picturesque landscapes and historical heritage. The beauty of these places was inspired by the representatives of the royal family, the artist Shishkin, the composers Glazunov and Tchaikovsky.
Monastery on the island of ValaamMonastery on the island of Valaam

The most beautiful cathedral of Russia

Without a doubt, the most beautiful cathedral of our country - St. Basil's Cathedral, adorning the central square of the capital. It was built in the XVI century by order of Ivan the Terrible. The master, who worked on the unparalleled structure, was sentenced by the cruel king to blindness, so that no one could take possession of the same architectural miracle. The sacrifice of the architect was not in vain, and today 11 motley domes are one of the most recognizable symbols of Moscow on a par with the Kremlin.
St. Basil’s Cathedral (Intercession of the Holy Virgin) in MoscowSt. Basil’s Cathedral (Intercession of the Holy Virgin) in Moscow
Russia is famous not only for its beautiful Orthodox churches, but also for its natural sights. Among them are unique salt lakes and even lakes with bitter water. The site there is a detailed about this.

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