Jewelry is not only a sign of wealth, but also a good way to emphasize your individuality. Low-key and sophisticated accessories are able to complete the image of a person so that he looks harmonious, thereby attracting the attention of others. And sometimes, to achieve the desired effect, you have to fork out and put a decent amount. And here we have in mind the most expensive jewelry in the world.
30 million dollars
To appear with such a thing in public is to create a real sensation. The most expensive jewel in the world is a diamond bikini. It was created by the designer Susan Rosen together with the jewelry house Steinmetz. On the beach in such original clothes, of course, you will not leave. And in general it is difficult to imagine where you can appear with such a rather eye-catching jewelry.

The most expensive bikini in the worldThe most expensive bikini in the world
Bikini entirely consists of the purest diamonds. The total weight of gems is more than 150 carats. All pebbles of the highest quality, they have a rating of color D, which means that the decoration is distinguished by a bluish-white color.
14 million dollars
And this is quite a habitable decoration. However, before you go to people with such an expensive accessory - you need to hire a dozen guards.
$ 14 million diamond necklace$ 14 million diamond necklace
And not to protect a person, but to protect a diamond necklace with a ruby, which has the shape of a heart. The original and expensive jewelry (its cost is equal to 14 million dollars) contains a ruby, which was found in Burma. Its weight is exactly 40.63 carats. Diamonds in the same thing collected at 110 carats.
8.5 million dollars
This product can already be placed in the category of budget when compared with previous decorations. Harry Winston earrings are half the price of a ruby ​​diamond necklace. For 8.5 million dollars you can buy platinum diamond earrings, which are made by Harry Winston. A distinctive feature of the accessory is that each earring is made in the form of drops. The total weight of the thing is 60.1 carats.
7.98 million dollars
A little cheaper is a platinum ring, decorated with a blue diamond. Its value reaches almost 8 million dollars. This elegant ring has a pebble weighing 6.04 carats.
The most expensive platinum ringThe most expensive platinum ring
And to get such a thing in his own use is now quite difficult. Decoration has already been sold in private hands at Sotheby's auction in Hong Kong.
3 million dollars
An amazing necklace called Chopard's Haute Joaillerie is a dream for almost any girl. True, to please such a loved one, a man needs to fork out.
Dream NecklaceDream Necklace
It costs about 3 million dollars. But the product is worth it. It is made from the best Colombian emeralds, which weigh 191 carats. Necklace with 16 carat diamonds.
2.1 million dollars
A platinum Graff ring beautifies a diamond of unprecedented beauty. This stone has a rather rare blue color. Its total weight is only 2.4 carats, but the cost is impressive - 2.1 million dollars. Such beauty will look amazing on the handle of any girl. Besides, the glitter in her eyes after such a gift is guaranteed.
2 million dollars
For lovers of original and exquisite jewelry, a necklace called William Goldberg is quite suitable. This handmade gold jewelry was created by William Goldberg.
One of the most expensive jewelryOne of the most expensive jewelry
There are platinum blotches, as well as multicolored diamonds on the thing.The total weight of the pebbles is 45 carats. The value of the necklace is 2 million dollars.
1.95 million dollars
A little cheaper will cost necklace Leviev. And it will appeal to even the most captious esthete. This masterpiece of jewelers is made of white and pink diamonds. They are designed in the form of droplets and balls. But the basis of the product is made of platinum. For the beauty will have to pay out 1.95 million dollars.
1.9 million dollars
And this jewel from the list of the most expensive in the world is already capable of practical benefits. On it you can determine the time. The watch from the Collection Privee called Chanel is made of white gold and decorated with white pearls of 6-6.5 millimeters. Total watch decorated with 120 stones. And each as a selection - the pearls as if the Siamese twins are alike. In addition, 133 diamonds flaunt on the chronometer. Their weight is 35 carats.
1.5 million dollars
Perfect for any woman Tiffany & Co. necklace. Such a decoration is worth 1.5 million dollars. And for this price, the buyer acquires not only a prestigious thing, he invests money in non-depreciating jewels. The necklace in the very center is decorated with a 41.1 carat diamond.But besides this, it is decorated with numerous stones in the shape of pears and apples.
1.1 million dollars
If there is still a place for jewelry on the body, then as a pleasant addition to the image you can see the Panther Brooch brooch. She is the symbol of the house of Panther Brooch. The thing is adorned with 65.9 carat ceylon sapphire, as well as exactly 102 non-faceted sapphire.
The most expensive broochThe most expensive brooch
And that is not all. On a small product still fit 868 diamonds and 2 emeralds. All this is mounted on platinum and gold.
1 million dollars
For economical connoisseurs of jewelry creativity perfect necklace DeBeers. The cost of a million dollars - and guaranteed hit the list of the most expensive jewelry in the world. The jewelry is made of platinum and adorned with diamonds. It weighs 63.6 carats.
1 million dollars
Exactly the same is the Bulgari necklace. It differs from the previous one in that it is made of yellow gold, in which 951 diamonds of unsurpassed blue color are fixed. Decorated with sapphires of unprecedented beauty.
Bulgari NecklaceBulgari Necklace
One way or another, most of the consumers cannot afford such values.However, if you risk investing in jewelry of such a level, you can be sure that over time they will only rise in price and bring the owner not only good profits, but also satisfaction from long-term co-transmission. After all, such jewelry was created not only to show off its state, but to raise self-esteem to its owner.

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