The Norman format is what? What does the meeting mean in the Norman format?

Not all people are deeply versed in thepolitical intricacies. However, at a minimum level, this is necessary for everyone. In Ukraine there is a real war. It, in one way or another, concerns all the inhabitants of the post-Soviet space. The diplomats try to settle the conflict in various ways. If you delve into it, you will definitely stumble upon the expression "Norman" format. This phrase denotes only one of the political ways of influencing the conflicting parties. What is it different from others, what are its features? Let's understand.

Norman format is

Let us recall the essence of the conflict

At the end of 2013 in Ukraine, anotherpolitical crisis. Some experts say that, in principle, it did not end, lasting more than ten years, then flaring up, then ceasing for a while. This country, located in the heart of Europe, is transit for goods and energy resources. It is in this that the importance of maintaining relative calm in it, over which the "Norman" format works. This is very important for the economies of the surrounding states. After all, Europe and Russia are closely connected with each other. Before the crisis escalated, trade cooperation developed steadily. It is said that the Ukrainian conflict itself arose in connection with this, clearly visible progress in achieving serious economic interdependence. In Ukraine there was a change of power. Not all of its citizens agreed with the form and essence of the new leadership. The Crimea hastily changed state subordination, and in Donetsk and Lugansk regions an active separatist movement emerged. Kiev responded to him by an antiterrorist operation. A real war broke out. The "Norman" format is a negotiation process in which countries try to extinguish an armed conflict and transfer its decision to "peaceful tracks". Efforts, it should be noted, are not always effective. But the complexity of the issue is great.

What is the "Norman" format

Now let's see who meets. After all, the "Norman" format of negotiations is not the only form of diplomatic work aimed at resolving the conflict. By the way, he appeared almost by accident. Although there is no such thing in diplomacy. But for the viewer the appearance of such a format of meetings looked like a happy coincidence.Norman negotiation formatIn June (the sixth day) in 2014 passedcelebrations on the landing of the Allies on the shores of Normandy. It was there that Vladimir Putin first met with the new president of Ukraine, P. Poroshenko. A brief dialogue was organized by the leaders of France and Germany. From that moment the "Norman" format was born. These are negotiations concerning the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict, in which four interested parties take part. Representatives from France and Germany are delegated to the EU from there. And also Ukraine and Russia send their foreign ministers. As a rule, the "Norman" format is a meeting of foreign ministers. Top management in this configuration communicated only a few times.

Differences from the "Geneva" format

It should be recalled that, at first,Several attempts were made in the Ukrainian situation in a different composition. As early as April 17, 2014, this issue was discussed by representatives of all the same parties, but with the participation of the United States. This format was called "Geneva". Its fundamental difference is the participation in negotiations of overseas diplomats. They, of course, put pressure on Europeans to realize their own goals. At the same time, the problems and aspirations of the EU are not particularly taken into account.

that atkoe Norman format

Russia considered such a configurationnegotiators unsuitable. After all, the war flares up on our continent. Consequently, it should be prevented by those states that are directly concerned. Moreover, the US position seems ambiguous. They are often accused of unleashing military actions, remembering the historical events of 70 years ago. This refers to the beginning of the Second World War. There without the States, too, was not done. And it was this state that received dividends from millions of deaths.

The essence of the "Norman" format

Having understood the participants, it is necessary to understand whatthe political meaning of such a composition. The fact is that the "Norman" format appeared not accidentally. This is an attempt (as yet unclear, successful or not) to "untie" the EU from the US. It's no secret that the leadership of the European Union is not alone in making decisions. And you could look at the situation through your fingers until it came to war. From the point of view of the Russian Federation, the US now needs a "mess". Their duty is such that it is impossible to get rid of it without serious troubles of a global scale. As experts say, the US plan is not new. America contributes to the emergence of a hot conflict, while remaining on the sidelines. As in the last century, the States will help the warring parties with weapons and other necessary goods, thereby solving their own problems. This is simplified their plan.

Norman meeting format

But there are no "fools"

The "Norman" format of the meeting arose as athe counterweight to aggressive, even to some extent, vile plans of the transatlantic hegemon. No matter how dependent the EU on the United States, and want to live more. No country has a desire to become a victim. So the states of the Eurasian space are trying to show independence. That is, solve problems together, without direct involvement of the United States. After all, they will die in a hot war, if they do not take active defensive actions. And the Russian president tried to get through to Angela Merkel long ago. Many times in his speeches, he touched upon the topic of relations between the states of the continent, referring to a free partnership without a transatlantic "shepherd". The meeting in the "Norman" format is seen by the EU response to the geopolitical zugzwang, which was manifested in the Ukrainian conflict. Already in 2013, after the flight of Yanukovych from the country, it became clear that all sides would have to defend their interests. The situation is extremely complicated. And the end of the aggravation has not yet been seen.

Minsk Meetings

To fully understand what "Norman" meansformat, it is difficult, if not to consider other forms of political contacts. After all, the described political configuration does not take into account one of the main participants in the confrontation. Namely, it does not involve representatives of self-proclaimed republics. But how can you stop the shooting, if you do not take into account the opinion of the direct participant in the clashes? It is clear that this situation does not suit Russia, which the "allies" are trying to expose as an aggressor. Or, at least, a participant in an armed conflict. At the end of July 2014, the first meeting in the Minsk format was held. According to the name of the capital of Belarus, where the event took place. Representatives of the OSCE participate in it from the EU side. Diplomats from the Russian Federation, as well as former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, come to Minsk. The self-proclaimed republics are involved in the negotiations.Norman format

Nuances of formats

Here it is necessary to distract a little and talk aboutsubtleties of politics. A simple person understands that it is necessary to "tolerate" those who shoot, or rather, their leadership. But things are not so much in geopolitics. The interests of "big players" are taken into account here. People somehow forget about the people. The media tell us about the events, missing the fact that the formats are very different from each other. "Norman" looks quite official. Negotiations are held at the level of heads of state or their foreign policy departments. Minsk is another matter. There are people who are not quite official. In any case, not all of them are recognized internationally. If the OSCE or the Russian ambassador in Ukraine are forced to be considered, then they look askance at L. Kuchma. And representatives of the republics are not taken into account at all. They can negotiate as much as they like, but they are not obliged to fulfill their obligations. And no one will force. Do not recognize the diplomacy of the LNR and the NDP, therefore, no one in the world will not defend them in the UN, for example.

meeting in Norman format

Combining formats

Russia did not tolerate such a situation. It was necessary, as diplomats say, to legalize the republics. That is, create a situation where the world community would have to recognize their existence, albeit not formally, but in fact. The goal was to see in the republics the side of the conflict, therefore, negotiations. By the way, it was extremely difficult to do this. The EU and the US resisted. There was a plan to "move" the negotiations to Astana. But he was not destined to come true. It was necessary to organize a meeting of the "Norman Quartet" in Minsk. Thus, the formats were united for a while. But the essence was that representatives of the republics were present there. Consequently, they had to admit, albeit with reservations. They say that Merkel and Hollande met with them. By the way, we sat more than sixteen hours. But it was done! After the described meeting, the Minsk format (with the participation of the republics) was recognized in the world.

which means the Norman format

What's next?

This question is asked by all thinking people, if notthe planet, then the Eurasian continent is accurate. On whether the world will come on Ukrainian soil, in the literal sense of the word everyone's life depends, and that's why. The "Norman" format aims to contribute to the creation of conditions for the emergence of a new world order. Surely not everyone sees this. However, experts directly say that the political system is changing right before our eyes. Day after day, situations unfold that allow one more small step towards a multipolar world. And it is impossible until the hegemon meets resistance from its closest allies. Other countries have long demonstrated "deaf" discontent. But the US has always been the EU's mainstay. It is necessary to "rebuild" it in the first place. Here is the geopolitical meaning of the "Norman" format.

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