The oldest people in the world

The life expectancy of each person, beforeall depends on a huge number of factors. This can include his food, lifestyle, genetic predisposition to anything and much more. In our country, life expectancy fluctuates around sixty-seventy years. If we talk about representatives of modern society who live in Europe, then their age is slightly larger. Further in the article we will talk about those people who have already beaten absolutely all the records, showing us a special love for their life.

The oldest people in the world, more precisely their names, enteredin the Guinness Book of Records. The oldest person in the whole history of her existence is a woman whose name is Kalman Jeanne Louise. She was born in the late nineteenth century in Paris. The total lifespan of the record holder was almost one hundred and twenty-three years. Jeanne lived the longest life, having survived with all her daughters, grandchildren and grandchildren. This information is documented in special papers by scientists.

On this list does not end. There was one more person in the world who is considered to be a longevity in our time. He passed away sixteen years ago. At that time, the Japanese's age was almost one hundred and twenty-one years. No one survived him, except Jeanne. This old man became not only a long-liver of our planet, he was the first of men to establish a record of work. The fact that the "pension" Japanese came out when he was ninety-eight years old. The name Shigecio is written in the earliest census of the entire population of Japan at the time. This was in 1871. The most interesting thing is that the old man began to smoke at seventy that he did not affect his health in any way. Some sources claim that the Japanese died at one hundred and five years. However, most likely, we will not be able to learn the truth.

We continue the list under the title "The oldestpeople in the world. " A little over ten years ago Thomas Peter died. He was born in Denmark. The Guinness book of records records his age at the time of his death. Thomas lived more than a hundred and fifteen years. In this case, you can not doubt this figure, as today there are records that indicate the date of baptism, birth, the presence of the name in the census documents. That is why information about the age of the long-liver is absolutely reliable.

Some of the oldest people in the world still livepores. For example, Anna Eugenie Blanchard. Her age at the moment is almost one hundred and fifteen years. As for the male centenarians who live in our time, it is, above all, Walter Breuning. His age has already crossed the line of one hundred and thirteen years. At the moment, this man is only fourth in the Guinness Book of Records. However, it is possible that he will surpass and survive the three women who occupy the first three lines in this literature.

If you are wondering where the oldest people liveworld, what is the secret of their longevity, you can always address them personally with these questions. Find long-livers is very simple. To do this, there are special sites on the Internet. It is enough to enter into the search engine line the phrase "the oldest people on the planet", and your view will open a lot of relevant sites. In addition, any person has the opportunity to communicate with the relatives of the elderly. They are also easy to find in social networks. The oldest people on the planet most often with great pleasure communicate with strangers, telling them about their lives, and share recipes for longevity. It is worth noting that most of them never observed any diet, led a normal lifestyle. Their weapons are optimism and love of life, no matter what surprises it may present.

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