The modern market of contraception continues to conquer the hearts and other parts of the body of users. There are new and fun packaging for condoms, and condoms themselves can please interesting "models."

The most familiar things may surpriseThe most familiar things may surprise

The very first condom

It is believed that condoms appeared even among the very first representatives of the human race. One of the Greek myths tells about the ruler of Minos, who was not the most faithful of men. The spouse knew about the weakness of her husband and cursed his seed, which at the climax became a flock of snakes. Creeping bastards killed their mistresses, and it was only after Minos began to use the bladder of animals as a precaution to save them.
First condomsFirst condoms
Despite the mythical history of origin, the first products for safe sex really were made from animal intestines. In some areas, used bags of flax. They were previously primitively processed and prepared for future use.
Condom testing, 1935Condom testing, 1935
Vulcanization, patented in 1843, was a breakthrough in many areas of production. In 1854, the first analogues of modern condoms appeared, which markedly simplified contraception and enhanced the pleasant sensations from the process.

The most unusual packaging for condoms

Packaging in our time sometimes means more than its content. The whole marketing departments are working on it. No exception for condom packaging. And here there are several design options - either create a neutral package by which it is absolutely impossible to judge the content. And then the person will not hesitate to buy condoms in the store. Or, on the contrary, create a package that is screaming about its contents.
Unusual condom packagingUnusual condom packaging
The company QianFei invented a funny package - condoms were placed in a cassette for photographic film, you just need to wind off the necessary number of “frames” and enjoy the moment.
Condoms in film cassetteCondoms in film cassette
Although some packaging designers do not want to strain. For example, the Japanese packed the condom in the Hello Kitty logo. Each pack contains 16 condoms, and the customer receives a key chain as a gift.Asian designers have their own look at packaging. Therefore, condoms are sold in cans for canned food, in packages that are absolutely similar to chewing gum plates, and even in the form of children's “Chupa-Chups” candy.
"Rubber" lollipops"Rubber" lollipops
The funnier, the more successful the sale. Often, rubber products are already being bought not for the sake of their intended purpose, but for the sake of a funny, memorable and bright label. But packaging is packaging, and the content is of much greater interest.

The most unusual condoms

One of the first unusual condoms that manufacturers promised to surprise the female gender was ribbed condoms. Surprised by their ribs, or not - this is a separate discussion. But in a way - it was a great advertising move that boosted sales. In addition, manufacturers are always trying to come up with something new to please their customers: ribs, antennae, pimples and other seals on condoms, different colors, including the ability to glow in the dark, tastes of bananas and other fruits.
Mustache condomsMustache condoms
A rather unusual condom was invented, equipping it with a centimeter scale, an invention clearly for self-confident men.Perfect as a joke for friends.

The most expensive condoms

- Louis Vuitton. A popular French brand, known for its elegant things, came to the conclusion that condoms should be no less stylish than handbags. Packing with the logo of Louis Vuitton is 68 dollars.
Louis Vuitton - from the bag to the condomLouis Vuitton - from the bag to the condom
- Durex Elite. The English brand produces one of the most expensive and reliable condoms in the world. The cost of Durex ranges from 6 to 40 dollars.
- Trojan Elexa is the number one brand in the United States. The cost of such condoms is from 4 to 30 dollars.

The strangest condoms

- Condoms toys. This series has released the brand Wacky Rubbers. The contraceptive may have the most unexpected detail - a funny face, a cockerel, or, for example, an alien. Such products are hard to use for their intended purpose, but they are perfect as a gift. In any case, such condoms will always cause a smile and lift your spirits.
The strangest condoms in the form of children's figuresThe strangest condoms in the form of children's figures
- Condom for the monument. A bright red contraceptive was put on the obelisk in Hyde Park. Its size is 18 meters. The installation has become part of the I’MON campaign, which aims to convey to everyone the idea of ​​safe sex.
Giant condom in SydneyGiant condom in Sydney
What will condom be in a few decades? Maybe they will transfer data to the iPhone or consist of nano-rubber? Everything is possible, wait and see. But do not forget that condoms were created in order to protect against sexually transmitted diseases and protection from unwanted pregnancy. On our website you can also read an article about the most world.

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