Traffic sign "Stop is prohibited"

Rules of the road, vary enoughregularly, as well as fines for their violation. So in this, in 2012, amendments were made to the Code of Administrative Offenses relating to penalties for improper stop and parking, in places where there is a road sign - "Stop prohibited".The article considers the zone where it operates and the rules dictated by them.

The sign "Stopping is forbidden" and the zone of its action

On the road there are signs both warning and prohibiting. Usually they are located on the right side of the roadway or above it.

Traffic signs currently in force and prohibiting stopping exist in four forms:

  • 3.27 "Stop prohibited" - prohibition for vehicles of stops, as well as parking;
  • 3.28 "Parking is prohibited" - for motor transport and other means, the prohibition of parking.
  • Sign 3.29 - prohibits parking on odd, and 3.30 - on even numbers of the month.

Considering the traffic sign "Stopping is prohibited"the zone of action of which is limited only to that side of the motorway where it is installed, it is worth mentioning that its influence extends to the whole direction of movement. In addition, its availability includes a ban on stops on sites built for stops of transport route facilities, and in "pockets". Curbs and sidewalks, which are part of the highway, are also subject to the traffic sign. In the squares and intersections there may be places where the sign "Stopping prohibited" is located. Here you can stop only if necessary: ​​a breakdown in the car, a malaise of the driver. Landing and disembarkation of passengers is carried out in such places only when such actions of car owners do not interfere with traffic on the road.

In some cases, for example, on roads withone-way traffic, you can make a stop on the other side of the street where there is no sign of prohibition. Under certain conditions, the sign "Stopping prohibited" ceases to apply. This happens if there is a second, repeated sign about the prohibition of stopping, with the inscription - 8.2.3; the boundary where the settlement ends; intersection; a plate with an inscription - 8.2.2; Completion of road marking - 1.4; indicating the zone where all restrictions end, traffic sign 3.31.

New fines

In accordance with the new amendments to the CodeAdministrative violations, not only the amount of fines changed, but their differentiation appeared, depending on the place of committing violations. Thus, in both capitals, the penalty is levied in the amount of larger amounts than in the regions. The number of cases in which fines are levied in the minimum amount has also changed. They became a bit smaller. But there were situations in which violators should pay higher fines. So, in case of non-observance of the prescribed requirements, about which road signs are spoken (including "Stopping is forbidden"), a penalty in the amount of one and a half thousand rubles is collected. For the same violation in both our capitals, a fine of three thousand rubles is levied.

In connection with the use on the road signsthere are controversial issues. So, for example, when there is a sign "Stopping is forbidden" near the stop, and next there is a sign saying that public transport stops here, a problem arises: what should I do? According to traffic rules, stops near places where public transport stops are prohibited. This can not be done, being at a distance from them less than fifteen meters. But the driver can land and land passengers, if his actions do not interfere with the traffic. It turns out that the rules themselves contradict. These signs - prohibition of stopping and stopping of public transport, do not cancel each other and operate simultaneously.

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