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Training in the gym for women: myths and delusions

gym, benefit or harm?

Today, sport is one of the most significant trends! Because it is fashionable to be healthy, it is fashionable to have a sporty toned body, and finally it is fashionable when you have a sports hobby that makes you in the eyes of others active, easy-going, positive and goal-oriented.

In everyday life, sport does not have such a large scale as professional sport, where there is a goal and there are no obstacles, and the pursuit of the result becomes the meaning of all life. It’s rather similar to the children's sections that we once visited, mainly to make our children inexhaustible energy found a way out and we could harmoniously develop, grow strong and healthy.

Sport or you can even say fitness, includes different directions, such as yoga, Pilates, jogging, stretching, dancing, martial arts,group aerobics classes, which in turn are further divided into many areas, and of course the gym. And in all this abundance, the average man needs to find exactly what he likes.

And here it is necessary to figure out what's what. And you need to start with exactly what purpose you are pursuing.

The goals, in fact, not so much, the most common, it is to lose weight, bring yourself into shape.

What does tonus mean? As it seems to me here it means, the need to make your body firmer and more elastic.

How can this be achieved?

Of course, it will be necessary to start with food, I will not be afraid to voice here a rather common phrase:

"We are what we eat"

By changing your diet to a more correct and balanced one, you definitely change yourself, both from the outside and from the inside. The weight will go away, the body will start to change, more energy will appear, which will certainly affect your healthy face.

Suppose that the power sorted out (on this topic I will definitely write separately). But what physical exercise do we need to achieve our goal? Any aerobic exercise, and it includes all group classes in your fitness clubs, running, dancing, martial arts, and even a pool.All this will definitely help you to burn a number of extra calories, to develop your functionality and endurance. Every time at the end of such exercises you will feel pleasant tiredness, emotional strain, and even a little muscle pain.

This is all great, not counting the fact that calories are consumed only here and now, and the feeling of muscle tone is created mainly from blood flow to the muscle that was loaded. We conclude:

Aerobic exercises are aimed at developing endurance, train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, lift your spirits and burn, conditionally, only that slice of pizza that you ate this afternoon in honor of your colleague's birthday.

Pilates, yoga, and all sorts of stretch marks, are able to burn calories and even less, but they help to restore mobility of joints, teach you to feel and control your body, as well as using your breathing techniques, fill with oxygen, improve blood circulation, which leads to improved overall well-being.

So ... what about the goal?

And the goal is achievable in the gym !!!

I had to communicate with a large number of women who unknowingly preferred to bypassside of the gym, mistakenly believing that it is designed specifically for men, that iron is not feminine at all, that it is possible to spoil a figure, to pump, to become excessively large, etc.

All these are myths and delusions, a gym and only he is able to create the body of your dreams. Imagine that you are losing, for example, a kilogram with the help of an exhausting diet. Weight is gone, volumes too, but when you go to the mirror, you will most likely see that the whole body is empty, the skin has lost its tone, and it is even possible that cellulite has appeared ... no priests, everything is flat and dull .... and this is all because these 10 kg. consisted of water and your muscles, well, and a small percentage of fat ... Our body just does not give up fat reserves, it is ready to share muscles, but leave the fat on reserve, because it does not know what you have in mind this time you will eat now, or you may starve again ...

Therefore, the appearance of you is unlikely to please. Yes, you got into your favorite jeans, but the expectation and reality, alas, do not match.

In order to achieve the goal, and the result was pleasing to the eye, you need to train and burden.

Under the influence of heavy weights, hypertrophy of muscle fibers occurs, in other words during training, muscle fibers are destroyed under load,and then with proper nutrition and good sleep, they are restored with a plus sign.

Girls should not be afraid of excessive hypertrophy, because our hormonal background is very different from the male, so only with the use of certain drugs there is a chance to become a man. So with the right approach, with a well-designed training program, we will be able to increase our muscle mass only to aesthetic roundness, the body will become firm and fit, since the muscle mass will take the place of fat.

Also, if you don’t care so much about aesthetics as you do about health, strength training will do it here. Working on simulators, working with weights, with the right technique, will allow you to strengthen your back muscles, your joints will become less vulnerable, because now you will have strong muscles that will take the whole load now.

So down with all the doubts and fears! Forward to the meeting to the shape of a dream, good health and excellent well-being!

P.S But I still recommend the first time not to save on a personal trainer, he will help you to correctly put the technique of doing the exercises, draw up a training program, and the result will be achieved in a shorter period.

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