Various shades of henna for hair

You want to change the color of your hair without causing itharm? This is possible if you use natural paint, such as henna. It is derived from dried leaves of awsonia. With the help of henna you can change the color of hair with the benefit for them. Using this paint gives the hair volume, density, eliminates dandruff and split ends.

shades of henna for hair

Shades of Henna for hair are diverse. It all depends on what component will be added when painting.

Hair will acquire a golden-honey hue, ifhenna mixed with rhubarb, saffron, chamomile or turmeric. Saffron at first boil for about 2 minutes, and then mixed with henna. The rhubarb is cut very finely and allowed to soak for 20 minutes on fire, then filter and add to henna. Chamomile (2 tbsp.) Is poured over with boiling water (100 ml), insisted for 30 minutes, filtered and also mixed with henna. The easiest way is with turmeric - it's just added to henna.

Reddish shades of henna for hair are obtainedby adding beet juice, elderberries, cocoa powder or hot red wine to water in henna. Adding kefir to henna will make it possible to get dark hair color and avoid strong dryness.

Amazing powder - henna for hair! Shades of chocolate can be obtained if ground coffee, walnut shells, black tea or 1 tsp are added as one additional ingredient. hop per 1 bag of henna.

henna for hair shades chocolate

When coloring the hair with henna, observe the followingregulations. Henna pour hot water and mix until a thick consistency of sour cream without lumps. The resulting mixture is applied with a brush to clean and damp hair. The mixture should not have time to cool down strongly. Next, put on a plastic cap, wind your head with a towel. After 1-1.5 hours, wash it off with warm water without shampoo. It is advisable not to use it for 2-3 days to fix the color.

Know that it is almost impossible to wash henna,so when you paint, wear old clothes. Apply the cream on the hair growth line so that the skin does not stain. The color of the hair will become even brighter and more intense after a few days, this is one of the properties of henna.

Henna shades for coloring hair can be further diversified by mixing it with basma. For light hair, the ratio is taken - 2 bags of henna and 1 basma; for dark chestnut - 1.5: 1; for black - 1: 2.

shades of henna for coloring hair

To find the right shades of henna for hair, it takes time and experience, since the result depends on the original color, the structure of the hair and the components added to the henna.

The advantage of her is that she:

- is a natural paint;

- suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers;

- relieves of dandruff and condenses hair;

- Does not destroy the structure of the hair.

Before painting the hair with henna, keep in mind that:

- gray hair is not painted over;

- it can not be used after a chemical wave (hair straightens);

- for women with dry hair, their preliminary preparation is necessary;

- the subsequent staining of hair with a paint will not bring the necessary result.

Each woman will be able to try on herself various shades of henna for hair and appreciate all the useful properties of this paint from natural ingredients.

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