Medicine "Vetoron": instructions for use

The medicine "Vetoron" is a tool that contains a whole vitamin complex. Used drug for the prevention and treatment of beriberi, as well as for use in the complex treatment of certain pathologies.
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Therapeutic action means "Vetoron"

The instruction says that the drug has radioprotective and antioxidant properties. The drug is capable of binding active oxygen, protecting cell structures from the destructive action of free radicals. The use of the drug increases the level of protection of the body and develops resistance to stress. The transformation of beta-carotene into vitamin A allows you to normalize the metabolism, enhance the regeneration and growth of tissue, improve the function of vision.

Form of issue funds "Vetoron"

The instruction indicates that the medication is made in the form of droplets and effervescent tablets, which include vitamin E and provitamin A.The medicine is supplied in convenient dropper bottles. Drops "Vetoron" have adaptogennym, radioprotective, anti-inflammatory, immunomoduliruyuschim, antioxidant action. Beta-carotene is highly soluble and easily absorbed by the body.veterin drops

Indications for use and action means "Vetoron"

The instruction explains that the drug as a preventive measure can be taken by patients of any age with beta-carotene deficiency, vitamins E, A. The medicine is used in an unfavorable environment, when exposed to electromagnetic radiation, chemical or toxic environmental pollution. The tool is prescribed during epidemics of influenza and seasonal infections, with nervous exhaustion, to strengthen and normalize immunity in children, to prevent ophthalmic problems. As part of a combination therapy, the drug is used to treat cancer, diseases of the respiratory system, kidney, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular pathologies. "Vetoron" (tablets) is prescribed for dermatitis, visual impairment, senile and other types of cataracts, vitamin A and E deficiencies, immunodeficiency, and infectious diseases.

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Means "Vetoron": instructions for use

The drug is used only by doctor's appointment inside, because the concentration of droplets is too high and overdose can worsen health. For prophylactic purposes, the drops are dissolved in any liquid and taken once a day, after lunch. Adults in the warm season can take 6 drops, and in winter - 11. Pregnant and lactating women are prescribed, respectively, 9 and 15 drops. With complex treatment, the dose can reach up to 60 drops, which must be taken twice a day for a month.

Side Effects of Vetoron Remedy

The instruction says that it is forbidden to take the medicine with its individual intolerance and at the same time with other multivitamin preparations containing vitamin A. Side effects are manifested by allergies, which disappear after dose reduction or discontinuation of the medicine.

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