Viasil: reviews, composition, instructions for use and effect

Impotence can be a serious blow to any man. It not only worsens mood, but also radically changes the way of life. In modern society, due to various experiences and stresses, men often develop erectile disorders. That is why the drug "Vyasil" finds its use. Judging by the reviews left by men, this medicine can be judged as a good and high-quality tool.

viasil reviews

One of the most potent PDE-5 inhibitors is Sildenafil. Today, in pharmacies you can find inexpensive analogues of this medication. Among them is the drug for men "Vyasil". Sildenafil citrate acts as an active ingredient. This component naturally stabilizes potency. It is made in the form of tablets intended for oral use, fifty and one hundred milligrams of the active substance.The cost of the drug is two hundred and four hundred rubles for two tablets, which depends on the dosage of the capsule. The drug can be purchased at the pharmacy without presenting a prescription. The medicine is produced in the Republic of Belarus by LLC Lekpharm SP. Reviews of "Viasile" consider in this article.

Features of the effects of the drug and composition

In order for the potency to come, relaxation of the structure of the smooth muscles of the penis is required. For this to happen, local release of nitric oxide and accumulation of cGMP in the cavernous bodies is necessary. What is the principle of the influence of tablets "Vyasil"?

In order to understand this issue, it is necessary to pay attention to their composition. According to the instructions for use, sildenafil citrate acts as an active substance. Auxiliary ingredients are microcrystalline cellulose, talc, starch and others.

Sildenafil citrate is a selective inhibitor of specific PDE-5. This enzyme is responsible for the cGMP decay procedure. Inhibition of PDE-5 contributes to the enhancement of local effects of nitric oxide and an increase in the degree of cGMP in the penis, namely in the cavernous bodies. Due to this, the blood enters the latter in large quantities, so the potency is getting better.One tablet acts from two to five hours, which depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. Reviews of "Viasile" interest many.

Viasil generic Viagra

Pharmacological characteristics

From the point of view of pharmacology, the drug is characterized as follows:

  1. The absorption of the drug is slightly affected by the use of ethanol and fatty foods. Doctors recommend, in principle, not to combine alcohol and Viasil, since such a combination increases the likelihood of complications from the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system.
  2. The maximum concentration of sildenafil in the plasma composition is noted in the range from half an hour to two hours after taking the capsule.
  3. The metabolic process of the active ingredient occurs predominantly in the liver.
  4. Sildenafil citrate has a half-life of about four to five hours.

Dosage Features

Generic "Viagra" - "Vyasil" consumed inside, about an hour before the alleged sexual act. There is a dependence of the dosage of the drug on the age of the man. An adult patient should take one pill (fifty milligrams) one hour before coitus. Depending on the level of exposure, you can increase the dose to one hundred milligrams or reduce to twenty-five. It is allowed to use one dose per day.In old age (over sixty-five), a man cannot consume more than twenty-five milligrams. This also applies to those patients who have kidney disease, as well as those who additionally take inhibitor drugs (in this case, the frequency of admission can not be more often than two days). Viasile reviews are mostly positive.

Viasil for men


The drug, like others, has certain contraindications. So, it is not allowed to use it to those men who have an individual intolerance to the composite ingredients. In addition, patients who are prohibited from having sex should not use the tool. Most often, doctors do not allow sexual acts to those diagnosed with vascular and heart diseases, loss of vision, heart failure, and angina pectoris. In addition, it is recommended to refrain from the use of the drug to patients who have recently suffered a heart attack or stroke. This is confirmed by reviews of doctors. Contraindications "Vyasila" must be strictly observed.

Possible side effects

According to experts who have carried out a number of experiments and research, the drug can cause negative effects only after the permitted dose of the drug is increased.In other cases, such problems are often not observed.

The negative symptoms of an overdose are:

  • dizziness and headache;
  • vomiting and nausea;
  • nasal congestion;
  • diarrhea;
  • bronchitis, cough;
  • pain in the joints and bones;
  • brief loss of vision;
  • itching, rash, hives, and some other negative symptoms.

Reviews of doctors about "Viasila" confirm that complications are possible after taking.

viasil reviews of doctors

special instructions

Any medications designed to restore sexual function should be used only after the diagnosis of the causes of erectile dysfunction has been carried out. It is advisable to assign the drug to a specialist who carried out such an examination, but did not find any serious abnormalities. In old age, men should take Vasil less often. Reception is allowed every two days, as frequent use increases the risk of side effects. In no case can not take it in conjunction with other medicines, which also restore sexual function.In addition, this drug is not allowed to use young people until they reach the age of majority. This is indicated in the instructions for use "Vyasila".

viasil doctor reviews contraindications


Group analogues are:

  • "Viagra".
  • Levitra.
  • "Ziden."
  • Sildenafil.
  • "Avanafil."

Instead of medicinal analogues allowed the use of dietary supplements, which can help in the task of increasing libido, achieving a stable erection and increasing the level of testosterone in the blood. Dietary supplements have a special property - a lasting effect.

When using the tablets "Viasila" is unlikely to achieve long-term maintenance of stability of erection, as PDE-5 inhibitors are only sexual stimulants. In order to carry out therapy of erectile dysfunction in a complex, it is more reasonable to use dietary supplements, which contain basically aphrodisiacs of plant origin. The Russian AK-45 dietary supplement has perfectly proved itself. Its active ingredients have a positive effect on the prostate gland, help to increase potency and libido. This supplement is almost completely absent side effects and contraindications.Especially well suited "AK-45" men from forty years.

Viasil instructions for use

One of the effective dietary supplements is Peruvian Maca, which is available in powder form for suspension. To improve the potency is enough to receive funds in an amount of from five to fifteen grams. The duration of treatment is from two to five weeks. The Peruvian Maca is well suited for men over the age of forty who have impaired functioning of the cardiovascular system and the liver.

Viasile Reviews

The overwhelming number of men notes that thanks to the pills they really managed to establish an erection. Feedback about it is positive. After taking the pill, the erection becomes more pronounced and prolonged. In addition, some young people drew attention to the fact that their sex life after using the drug has become more intense and vibrant. Judging by the reviews of men on the use of "Vyasil", the second half is satisfied with the results of the action and their partner.

Doctors reviews

The feedback contains information that the impact of funds on the body increases every time. According to experts, this medication requires a certain time to adapt.

Viasil reviews of men on the application

In some reviews there is information about the patient's perfect recovery, when the sexual function becomes stable, although the use of the agent has been discontinued.

Negative comments

At the same time, there are negative opinions of men about the drug. Patients have noted the manifestation of such side effects as rash and dizziness, but this is most often due to the individual intolerance to the substances in the composition of "Vyasil".

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