Vitamins "Complivit Iron": reviews, composition, instructions for use

A drug called Complicate Iron in the responses of doctors and consumers is called one of the most effective in composition and affordable. This ferro-containing complex of vitamins and minerals effectively helps restore the balance of a vital element.

The properties of the components included in the preparation and their compatibility in each tablet are due to the unique production technology. The advantage of this vitamin-mineral complex is the presence in it of the physiological norm of iron per day.Iron complite reviews

About microelement and its role in human well-being

Iron (Fe) is one of the most important elements for our body: it maintains an optimal metabolism, contributes to the process of cell division, and also ensures their respiration by supplying tissues with oxygen. Due to iron deficiency, the synthesis of hemoglobin molecules is reduced, with the result that the blood transports a much smaller amount of oxygen.Iron compl PriceThe lack of iron in the tissues is accompanied by a deterioration of health and leads to the emergence of many diseases, causing problems with digestion, heart and blood vessels, skin and hair. At the initial stage, when the body is just beginning to experience a deficiency of the described microelement, and anemia has not yet acquired a chronic form, its balance can be restored with the help of the drug Complivit Iron. Reviews of many people who took the popular complex, indicate that it helped get rid of the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia, increase hemoglobin and significantly improve well-being.

The composition of the popular supplement

Each tablet of the described preparation contains a whole range of important vitamins and minerals. This supplement has a positive effect on the human body, saturating it with a daily rate of iron 15 mg (or 107% of the required dose of the substance).

Other ingredients:

  • Ascorbic acid - 100 mg (about 143%).
  • Vitamin E - 10 mg (or 100%).
  • B5 - 10 mg (as a double dose of calcium pantothenate).
  • The drug "Complivit Iron" in the instructions for use is also described as a source of vitamin B6 - 2.5 mg (or 125% of the norm).
  • B2 - 2 mg (111%).
  • B12 - 3 μg (100%).
  • PP (10 mg, which is 50% of the daily amount).
  • B1 (1 mg or about 67%).
  • A - 0.5 mg (half the daily norm).
  • Folic acid in each tablet contains a double dose - 400 micrograms.
  • Copper 0.75 mg (75%).
  • Iodine 70 mcg (about 47%).
  • Zinc - 2 mg (or 13.3%).

The list of additional components includes milk sugar (lactose), potato starch, talc and polyvinyl pyrrolidone, titanium dioxide and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, calcium stearate and polyethylene glycol, citric acid and food dyes (indigo carmine and azorubine).Complivite iron instructions for useWhen choosing between the ferro-containing complex and the basic drug “Complivit”, it is necessary to take into account the difference in the concentration of iron prescribed by the doctor as part of the vitamins. Thus, the amount of iron fumarate in a specialized preparation fully corresponds to the daily need of the body - 15 mg, and in the usual analog an important trace element is present in the form of iron sulfate heptahydrate in the amount of 5 mg. If the task is to restore the level of hemoglobin in the blood, the doctor prefers the appointment of a specialized supplement.

The action of the IUD (vitamin-mineral complex), instructions for use

Due to the main component in the form of iron fumarate (Ferri fumaras) in the Complivit Fe Iron preparation, which ensures its high bioavailability, its resorption (absorption) from the intestine is enhanced. This contributes to the rapid increase in the level of hemoglobin in the serum, stimulates an increase in the number of red blood cells, and also restores the supply of iron in the body. In the annotation to the drug properties and the remaining ingredients of the biocomplex. For example, ascorbic acid contributes to the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism, regulates the oxidation-reduction reactions of the body, participates in the processes of tissue regeneration and blood clotting.Complnit composition of vitaminsFerro-containing "Complivit", in the composition of which vitamins include "ascorbic" (vitamin C) increases the body's resistance to various infections, normalizes capillary permeability, has a powerful antioxidant and antiaggregant effect. At the expense of vitamin A (retinol acetate) improves eyesight, especially at dusk and in the distinction of color shades. It also ensures the safety of epithelial tissues, growth and development of bones, stimulates reproductive function.Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect, and in combination with selenium it can inhibit oxidative processes in NLC (unsaturated fatty acids). Tocopherol acetate maintains the balance of red blood cells, prevents hemolysis, activates the functions of the sex glands, muscle and nervous activity. Vitamins of group B, a common feature of which is an improvement in metabolism, normalize the functioning of the human nervous and immune systems. The use of copper is due to its participation in the synthesis of collagen fibers, providing antioxidant protection of cell membranes and strengthening the vascular walls, preventing osteoporosis, anemia, and eliminating oxygen starvation of organs and tissues.

Indications for use

According to the instructions for use, "Complivit Iron" is assigned with an increased need for the trace element Fe, the deficiency of which leads to IDA. The initial stage of anemia can be provoked by an unbalanced diet, loss of blood or illness of the stomach and intestines. The diagnosis of IDA (iron deficiency anemia) can be made during pregnancy, lactation, in adolescents in puberty and intensive growth, especially in girls.Vitamins iron supplementsThis drug is prescribed in combination with other medications for menorrhagia (heavy menstruation), chronic blood loss in the gastrointestinal tract, for iron absorption disorders, for prolonged diarrhea, and worm infestations. In addition, the supplement “Complivit Iron”, reviews of which are exclusively positive, is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of IDA if the important trace element with food is not sufficiently supplied to the elderly. In addition to restoring the balance of iron in the body, this dietary supplement is used as an additional source of vital vitamins and minerals for post-stress conditions, for vitamin deficiencies, endocrine system malfunctions.

Contraindications and warnings

The balanced composition of vitamins "Complivit Iron" allows you to maximize the body with important components for its normal functioning. In general, it is well tolerated by patients. But in rare cases, constipation or dyspeptic disorders can occur. The presence of individual intolerance to the components of the drug is also a contraindication to the use of dietary supplements.During pregnancy and breastfeeding, these vitamins can be taken only with the obligatory consultation with the doctor. In order to avoid the occurrence of side effects associated with overdose, it is not necessary to simultaneously combine dietary supplements with other vitamin-mineral complexes.

Mode of application

Drinking even such a useful and safe capsules is not recommended without consulting with a specialist. The course of treatment with ferro-containing bioadditive is one month. “Complivit Iron” and analogs are prescribed to adults one tablet (capsule) after meals once a day.Complivat iron analoguesWhen combined with antacid drugs (Almagel, Renny, Gastalom and others), absorption of iron and other elements of the complex is blocked. When taking antibiotics (tetracyclines and fluoroquinolones), iron will interfere with their absorption. Vitamin C in combination with antimicrobials (sulfonamides) can provoke the appearance of crystals in the urine. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor about taking other medications and recommended dietary supplements.

"Complivit Iron": price, release form and analogues

This supplement is produced in tablets of 525 mg, the number of which in a plastic jar is 60 pieces. A jar of vitamin means is placed in a carton box. One of the main advantages of this supplement is its availability and low cost. In various regions of the country it can vary from 180 rubles to 210 rubles per pack. In some pharmacy chains, the price of "Complivit Iron" can reach 250 rubles.Comp fe ironAnalogues similar in composition, which can be replaced by the described means, are: "StressTabs + iron", "Vitrum Superstress with iron", "Multi-tabs Classic" (from the Netherlands), "Triovit" and "Centrum". But their price can be significantly higher than the low-cost domestic supplement.


Patients taking vitamins "Complivit Iron", reviews, as a rule, leave positive. They note that the drug helped to improve the general condition, normalize hemoglobin. Most people on online forums write about good portability. Compared with analogues, it causes constipation much less frequently. In exceptional cases, those who took the drug at will, without consulting a doctor, complain of a headache.But it must be borne in mind that it may occur due to an excess of iron, if you take a complex of vitamins uncontrollably. In general, "Complivit Iron" reviews are described as the optimal complex of vitamins and minerals, one of the most effective and affordable. That is why it is often preferred by buyers in the pharmacy.

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