Vitamins "Complivit Mama": reviews and instructions for use

Pregnancy is a joyful and exciting state for a woman. The need for vitamins at this time increases significantly, as minerals are required for maintaining the health of the mother and for the harmonious development of the child. Many people mistakenly believe that the right and varied diet can cover the recommended daily dose of beneficial compounds. However, the need for minerals is so high that only special vitamin complexes are able to satisfy it. So, the perfect drug can be "Complivit Mom." Reviews of pregnant women on these multimineral tablets are mostly positive.

Properties of the drug "Complivit Mama"

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The vitamin complex contains 8 minerals and 11 vitamins in the concentration necessary for the mother. All the vital elements for the body are represented in the “Complivit Mama” - medical reviews about the tool in this matter converge.The drug is produced and produced in the Russian Federation, therefore, its composition is adapted to the climatic and environmental conditions of the country. When selecting the ratio of substances takes into account the needs of the pregnant body in minerals. All tests are carried out in laboratory conditions.

Release form

The drug is a yellow pill (let's say also light brown tone of the film shell). Chance of pinkish. Tablets in lenticular oblong form are presented. When cut inside the vitamins have a gray-yellow color with multi-colored inclusions.

The vitamin complex is packaged in special plastic jars with a twist-off lid, which are placed in cardboard boxes with a list of the substances on the reverse side. The number of tablets in one tube can vary and ranges from 30 to 60 units.

The composition "Complivit Mom"

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On 1 tablet it is necessary:

  • Vitamin A (retinol acetate) - 1650 IU.
  • Vitamin E (a-tocopherol acetate) - 20.00 mg.
  • Zinc (zinc sulfate heptahydrate) - 10.00 mg.
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride) - 2.00 mg.
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) - 5.00 mg.
  • Nicotinamide - 20.00 mg.
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - 2.00 mg.
  • Folic acid - 0.40 mg.
  • Magnesium (magnesium oxide) - 25.00 mg.
  • Calcium Pantothenate - 10.00 mg.
  • Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) - 0.005 mg.
  • Ergocaciferol - 0,00625 mg.
  • Phosphorus (calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate) - 19.00 mg.
  • Iron (iron furamate) - 10.00 mg.
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - 100.0 mg.
  • Manganese (Margnac sulphate monohydrate) - 2.50 mg.
  • Copper (copper sulfate pentahydrate) - 2.00 mg.
  • Calcium (calcium hydrophosphate dihydrate) - 25.00 mg.

Starch, talc, calcium stearate, citric acid, sucrose, E122, soy bean oil, titanium dioxide, colloidal silicon dioxide, stearic acid, povidone, hyprolosis, tropeolin O and povidone are also included as excipients.

Useful properties of the included vitamins

In a certain way affects the health of the body, each of the substances in the composition of the drug "Complivit Mama". Reviews during pregnancy generally describe the positive effect in restoring well-being. Thus, vitamin A has a significant effect on visual acuity, improves skin condition, helps to normalize metabolism, stimulates lipid production and is involved in many reactions.redox type. The content of vitamin A, some doctors believe the lack of complex "Complivit Mama." The recall of doctors about this compound is negative, as it can provoke abnormalities in the fetus.

Komplevit mother review

Vitamin E stabilizes the work of the sex glands, is a powerful antioxidant, leads to the normal state of the circulatory system due to participation in the formation of red cells.

Recognized wound-healing substance is ascorbic acid - the restoration of the skin by drinking vitamin C is accelerated due to the rapid formation of connective tissue. In addition, the substance effectively protects the body from various diseases of an infectious nature, acts as a strong antioxidant and restorer of the immune system.

Vitamin D2 improves the digestibility and absorption of calcium and phosphorus compounds, accelerates the synthesis of proteins containing calcium.

Group B as part of this vitamin complex is represented by an extensive range of substances. You should pay attention to each of them.

B vitamins in the composition

Vitamins B work more effectively together, increasing the influence of each other.The specialists who developed the complex took this fact into account - several representatives of the relevant group are present. They mainly perform metabolic, hematopoietic, and regenerating functions. So, B1, thiamine, is involved in the energy conversion of glucose, normalizing the metabolism of carbohydrates. In addition, the substance is an indispensable component in the treatment of nerve disorders.

Riboflavin, the second vitamin group, is effective in treating vision problems. The substance improves cell metabolism, is involved in protein metabolism and contributes to the formation of hemoglobin.

Calcium Pantothenate is a means of accelerating the recovery of the skin after any type of lesion. Also, vitamin B5 forms the mucous membranes of internal organs and supports their proper functioning.

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B6 stabilizes the state of the nervous system due to the formation and repair of nerve fibers. In addition, pyridoxine normalizes brain function and eliminates the effects of prolonged use of oral contraceptives.

Folic acid (B9) performs the function of replenishing red blood cells of proper structure in the body and the synthesis of amino acid compounds.

Vitamin B12 is used as a therapeutic substance in the treatment of neuralgia. Effective to restore the skin and enhance blood activity.

An extensive amount of vitamins found in the complex "Complivit Mama". Feedback from doctors usually indicates this fact when describing the drug.

Useful properties of minerals included in the complex

A number of indispensable minerals for maintaining mother's health during pregnancy contains the drug "Complivit Mama". Reviews during lactation also indicate the benefits of this complex after childbirth. The need for sufficient minerals increases during this period of time.

So, phosphorus, like calcium, has a positive effect on the state of the bones of the future mother, preventing their fragility and fragility. The substance is an indispensable participant in many metabolic processes and stimulates the formation of minerals in the body.

Calcium is considered to be the main ion forming bone tissue. In addition, it increases the ability of the blood to clot and stabilizes the flow of nerve processes.

Copper ions are involved in metabolic mechanisms.Their positive effect is due to the increased strength of blood vessels and the prevention of osteoporosis. Copper minimizes the risk of hypoxia and anemia.

Zinc reduces the likelihood of developing a child’s pathologies, affects insulin production in the body and is a restorative component for most types of body tissues.

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Iron is the first aid in the treatment of anemia and the lack of a sufficient number of red blood cells. Also involved in respiratory processes.

Magnesium prevents the risk of spontaneous abortions and symptoms of late toxicosis. It has a calming effect on the central nervous system and stabilizes the blood pressure of the body.

Manganese is used for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory processes, the ions of which are also present in the composition of the vitamin-mineral complex. The substance is therapeutically effective in osteoarthritis.

Pharmacological action of vitamins

A significant part of the pregnant women helped choose the Complivit Mama vitamins reviews. It is attractive that the drug is the most balanced means of preventing the appearance of a deficiency of any necessary mineral.Due to the effect on the amount of hemoglobin, the risk of anemia is reduced, the composition of the blood and its metabolic processes are normalized. Vitamin complex stabilizes lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in the body. That is why doctors recommend "Complivit Mom" ​​when planning pregnancy. Reviews about the intake of minerals before conception describe the improvement in overall health and well-being.

Who is shown vitamin complex

Appointed with a lack of vitamins in the body and for the prevention of mineral deficiencies. For an unbalanced diet, the Complivit Mama complex is also recommended. Reviews when planning pregnancy indicate that it is enough to start 90 days before the expected onset of conception to take the drug to maintain the strength of the body. Also, minerals are effective as a preventive measure after colds and infections, during lactation and to prevent the appearance of fetal defects.

Compliant mother reviews when planning

How to use "Complivit Mom"

It is convenient to take the drug - it is enough to drink 1 tablet once a day at breakfast or immediately after, drinking plenty of warm water.It is forbidden to use the complex in higher dosages, since it may be necessary to wash the stomach. This procedure is contraindicated in pregnant women.

The response of the attending physician about the physical condition of the woman and the quality of her analyzes influences the duration of the reception. There is usually a pause between courses.

It should be noted that in some cases the B vitamins, especially riboflavin, can cause darkening of the urine. This is a normal reaction of the body to the relevant substances.

Who is contraindicated vitamin complex

Intolerance to any of the components of the mixture is the basis for refusing to use. Due to the vastness of the composition, the Complivit Mama vitamins also have a number of contraindications. Reviews do not indicate any serious side effects.

Thus, it is undesirable to use these vitamins in women who have any kidney disease, especially urolithiasis, have elevated levels of iron and calcium in the blood, anemia due to a lack of vitamin B12, or excessive retinol acetate.

The drug is not used in children under 12 years, as well as in the presence of allergic reactions to the components, hypersensitivity to them or their intolerance.Before you start taking the vitamin complex, a doctor’s consultation is desirable.

What to do in case of overdose

In case of overdose, an immediate appeal is required to the doctor who will prescribe symptomatic treatment. The main methods of treatment include gastric lavage, removal of the drug, taking sorbents.

How "Complivit Mom" ​​interacts with other drugs

Caution should be combined mineral complex with antibiotics, as some of them can interact with the components of the tablets. For example, when taking fluoroquinolone or tetracycline drugs, their absorption can be significantly slowed down due to the presence of calcium and iron in the vitamin complex. About particularly important cases of combination warns for vitamins "Complivit Mom" ​​instruction. Reviews of many women do not indicate the presence of sharply negative manifestations from mixing vitamins with anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics.

Iron absorption also decreases with the simultaneous use of drugs with a high content of aluminum, magnesium, calcium and colestyramine. This is especially true for anti-acid compounds.

Joint reception of a complex with ascorbic acid is undesirable, since it is possible to enhance the effect of sulfonamides (including increased side effects). This can cause crystalluria.

It should also be noted that calcium overdose is possible with a combination of vitamins with thiazide diuretics.

Price for a package of vitamin complex

"Complivit Mama" is considered one of the most popular mineral preparations in the Russian market due to the low price, availability for purchase in pharmacies and the lack of an extensive list of contraindications. Depending on the area of ​​purchase for a package of 30 tablets, the price varies from 135 to 160 rubles, from 60 tablets - from 165 to 215, respectively. It is a set of over-the-counter holidays.

How to store the drug

The drug is stored in room conditions at a temperature not higher than 20-25 degrees. The location of the “Complivit Mama” should be dry and protected from direct exposure to light. It should also limit the access of children to the drug.

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“Complivit Mama”: reviews of doctors

Most experts give a positive assessment of the Complivit Mama vitamin complex, as it contains many of the elements necessary during pregnancy in balanced ratios.Nevertheless, doctors have noted some drawbacks. The first disadvantage gynecologists call the absence of iodine in the composition of the drug. The substance is necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and the nervous system of the body. In addition, some specialists are concerned about the presence of retinol acetate in the Complivit Mama composition. Vitamin A may adversely affect the development of the child, and in this case it is much safer to take beta-carotene.

“Complivit Mama”: reviews of pregnant women

Opinions of mothers about this drug vary greatly - some leave sharply negative reviews, and some - positive.

Some of the women who took the vitamin complex during pregnancy had incessant drowsiness, weakness and increased fatigue. According to their estimates, such manifestations were not observed before the start of use of Complivit Mama, and when the drug was changed, the symptoms completely disappeared. For some in the first months of pregnancy, the vitamin complex caused nausea, and with a later intake, this effect disappeared.

Others speak well of the experience of use - the drug did not cause pronounced side effects in them. Most of the children born to these women were healthy.In addition, many noticed that they did not suffer the quality of hair, nails and skin during pregnancy, and their state of health was almost always good.

Women note that “Complivit Mom” is advised by local gynecologists. In a number of clinics the drug is issued free of charge. Part of the host acknowledges that they chose Complivit Mom, the reviews of nursing mothers had a particular impact. Many preferred this drug because of the reluctance to overpay for similar more expensive complexes.


On the Internet for vitamins for pregnant women "Complivit Mom" ​​reviews are positive. Due to the rich and balanced composition of the drug provides more than 70% daily intake of most substances that are necessary for a pregnant body.

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