Well: cleaning and repair

At any country site necessarily dig a well. Its cleaning is necessary so that the water serves not only for watering the vegetation, but also remains drinking. Specialists are most often hired to repair wells. But not everyone has the opportunity to pay for the work. And the savings still did not bother anyone. Therefore, you can repair or clean the well yourself. But you need to do this, knowing all the details.

What can contaminate the well?

Wells are cleaned when the water becomes cloudy. Causes of pollution can be:

  • the appearance of silt at the bottom of the well;
  • raising the bottom;
  • pumping water, provoking sand washing;
  • hit in the well of household debris, plants or animals;
  • poor seam sealing;
  • clay that got into the well;
  • no bottom filter or its pollution;
  • decrease in water level;
  • rotting wood;
  • offset rings.

well cleaning

With the right approach after cleaning the well, you must immediately repair it. Otherwise, the water very quickly becomes turbid again.

Cleaning steps

Cleaning and repair of wells are carried out in several stages. First, the pump is completely pumped water. Garbage and silt are removed from the bottom of the well. The bottom filter is cleaned or reinstalled. Then the walls of the well are cleaned with special compositions. If animal remains are found at the bottom, then disinfection will be required. During cleaning at the same time necessary repairs are carried out.

How to clean a well?

Equipment for descent is prepared in advance: support rods, cable platforms, ropes and a ladder. Cleaning and repair of wells begin with the dismantling of its roof (otherwise - the house). Then the water is pumped out. The first time - before inspecting the well, the next - during the cleaning and completion of works. If necessary, the walls are washed and treated with disinfectant solution.

cleaning and repair of wells

All deposits are removed with a hard brush. Inspect the walls and bottom of the well. And cleaned of silt and sediment. Removed and blockages of the soil. Usually removed from three to six buckets. Clean or install bottom filter. It must be made of coarse gravel. About ten centimeters thick.The filter prevents the turbidity of the water and strengthens the soil.

How to disinfect a well?

Cleaning drinking wells requires mandatory disinfection. The easiest way is using a chlorine solution. To do this, water is pumped into the structure and disinfectant liquid is poured. From above the well is closed with a tarp or other thick cloth. Then the chlorine solution is pumped out, and the well is thoroughly washed.

To completely remove the remaining chlorine, the water changes several times until the specific odor disappears. Or you can make a solution of potassium permanganate. The color of the liquid should be dark, saturated. Or purchased ready-made compositions for swimming pools, sold in stores.

do-it-yourself well cleaning

How are sewer wells cleaned?

Cleaning of sewer wells conditionally divided into planned and emergency. In the first case, the procedure is performed when the structure is filled with drains by more than 75 percent. Scheduled cleaning of the well should be carried out regularly. If this procedure is neglected, the well may overflow or lose capacity. And this is fraught with flooding the site with sewage. Emergency cleaning is a more labor intensive process.In this case, not only the structure itself is processed, but also the pipes blocked with sewage.

If the site has a sewer well, cleaning can be carried out in several ways.

  1. Vacuum. This is the most modern method with the use of vacuum trucks equipped with tanks for the accumulation of wastewater. For cleaning you will need a vacuum pump and a hose to collect waste. Advantages of the method: high efficiency and lack of untidy smells.
  2. Ilososa. These are old ZILs, which are equipped with hoses, pumps and tanks. Advantages: low cost of work. Disadvantages: presence during cleaning an unpleasant smell.
  3. Hydrodynamic. This is an effective and simple method that is performed in two stages. First, under high pressure, a jet of water is supplied through the hose, which cleans the walls of the structure from sediments and sediments. Then an additional pumping of residues from the bottom is done.
  4. Thermal. This method is most often used in industrial plants. Thermal cleaning does not require special equipment. Used water that heats up to 160 degrees.

sewer cleaning

Of non-traditional methods practiced chemical method in which special reagents are used, which remove grease, bloom and other contaminants on the walls.

Concrete Well Repair

On all personal plots there is a well. Cleaning of concrete rings consisting structures is carried out in the usual way. At the same time make and repair. Most often it is required due to the displacement of the rings and the appearance of cracks. And flood waters can erode seams between the rings. If the damage is minor, then the gap is sealed from the inside. Cracks are tapped and removed all pieces of falling off concrete. Clearances are covered with waterproof mastic. But it should be harmless to human health, if the water in the well should be drinking.

If the damage is more serious, then it is necessary to do not only repair of internal surfaces, but also external ones. To do this, a ditch is dug around the well along the entire perimeter of the structure. The pit should expose the identified defects. The width of the ditch should be convenient for repairs. The crack is thoroughly cleaned from the inner and outer surface and sealed with mastic intended for concrete.

cleaning of drinking wells

From above, the seam is treated with a waterproofing compound. This prevents erosion of the material.If concrete rings are displaced, then it will be necessary to dig out and dismantle damaged areas. Then these places are assembled again, with the installation of additional connecting brackets. Then the seams are carefully sealed with a mastic, and the structure is sealed. After installing a new blind area.

Repair of wooden wells

The cleaning of wells with their own hands is carried out according to the standard scheme described above. A repair will require the replacement of rotten logs, if the design was made of wood. For starters going to the site. It is well fixed with cables and beams, which must be installed above the well. The platform is lowered down manually or with a winch.

That part of the log house, which has been preserved over the rotten area, is fastened with the aid of a device called "goat". They must be installed on two opposite sides of the structure. On the "goats" are attached 4 logs, to which nailed boards are nailed. They must securely hold the log house. Logs can be further strengthened with ropes with hooks.

well cleaning of concrete rings

Then begins the analysis of the rotten area. Defective parts are removed and new ones are installed instead.Then securely fastened and connected to the upper preserved part of the structure.

Brick well repair

The easiest way to repair a brick well. Cleaning is carried out in the usual way. First, water is pumped out, internal defects are eliminated, the bottom is put in order. The bricks that have begun to crumble are replaced with new ones. Seams are plastered with cement mortar. Then the surface is covered with plaster.

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