What are dictionaries for?

How to get a quality education? What does that require? Of course, a very important point is diligence, patience and good memory. But the human head is not a computer, which in a few minutes will find the necessary information and print everything without blots and errors. And what helps people in this, what makes their speech clear and correct? Of course, these are textbooks and dictionaries. Textbooks all of us used in schools and in higher education. Of course, we looked in dictionaries, but, unfortunately, not so often. Often we neglect these wise and time-tested books. So why do we need dictionaries for the modern man for whom the computer “thinks”?

Increase literacy

The ability to use dictionaries is a big plus for any person, since a computer with its artificial literacy may not always be at hand. A dictionary is your window to education. It is he who will remind you of the forgotten word, will indicate where it is written correctly, and where the mistake is made. There are so many rules of the Russian language that it is simply impossible to remember them all, and if you add on the rules of other languages, it is generally unrealistic for the human brain.Increasing your literacy, you increase your status, since intelligence and education are always visible in a person. And the dictionary is the first help to support them. The fact is that often the learned information is erased from memory over time, but dictionaries will always store it for you and at the right moment will prompt you the right answer.

Discover new

What are dictionaries for if you are a student? If you are still studying in high school or in another educational institution, the dictionary is your first friend! Whatever subject you study, each has its own vocabulary. Russian literature requires knowledge of literary terms, algebra - mathematical, and even a foreign language teaches you with the help of dictionaries new words. So, going to a lesson or lecture, always grab the necessary vocabulary with you. And you do not have to carry kilograms of paper literature. All the necessary information will fit in your laptop or tablet. And you can carry it with you, and you will have the necessary number of dictionaries always and everywhere! It is very convenient. Also, the dictionary will help write an essay. Why do we need dictionaries? They facilitate your work!

Help others

Erudite and well-read person is always useful and interesting to others. Therefore, acquire your knowledge from dictionaries, they will be useful to you and your family and friends. Maybe it will seem boring, although it is this kind of study that brings great benefits, because looking into the right vocabulary for a word, you, first, teach yourself to perseverance, and secondly, you remember the read information for a long time. Scientists have proved that with long-term and associative reading, memorability is much greater than with a quick passing reading of information.

There is an incredible variety of dictionaries: explanatory, spelling, cultural dictionary, literary, mathematical ... but the main thing is not just to know about the existence of such books, and at least sometimes to look at them for new knowledge!

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