What are the rosaries for?

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
December 10, 2012
What are the rosaries for?

The first mention of the rosary is found in the second millennium BC in ancient India. The design of the rosary is as follows: a cord or a rope in the shape of a circle, and on it beads or grains are strung. Additions in the form of several beads are possible at the end of the rope Materials for the manufacture of the basics are threads, ropes, cords, leather. The grains of the rosary can be made of any material, ranging from wood to precious stones.

In each religion, the number of beads, appearance, and the material of the rosary differ from each other. What are beads for in Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Old Believers?

  1. For the account. To count the stanzas of prayers, the number of bows, religious movements. Read mantras are separated by bone or grain, and pendants increase the set of numbers.
  2. To remind you of unceasing prayer.
  3. For rhythm, the search of the rosary sets the rhythm.
  4. For the best concentration of the worshiper. Fingering beads concentrates attention.
  5. The embodiment of the symbol of harmony.
  6. To distinguish each faith.
  7. To cure ailments.This is unlikely, but the power of suggestion sometimes works wonders.

They wear beads on their fingers, on their wrists, in their palms, wrap them on their hands, store them in a special bag (pouch) or put them on their necks in the form of a necklace.

But rosaries are used not only by ministers of religion. Rosary can be a fashion accessory, reflect a certain style. Analogue of the rosary are bracelets, beads, talismans.

The rosary has a completely different, non-religious purpose. It is a Greek flounder, it is used for entertainment and games, sometimes just to relax.

Rosary can be a great gift for loved ones. They can serve as a reminder of you or just be a souvenir.

Thus, we tried to reveal in different ways what the rosary is used for. For what you need them, decide for yourself.

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