What can a child per year?

One year in a person's life is a fairly long period of time. Especially the changes are noticeable at the beginning of life. As soon as a child is born, he does that he sleeps, eats and cries. But after only a year of life, the baby not only grew significantly, but also learned a lot. Let's talk about what a child can per year.

Physiological changes

The first year of human life is considered one of the most intense in terms of physical development. The weight of a person increases about three times, and the child should weigh about 10 kilograms. The body of the child is rounded, dimples, folds and so-called dressings appear on the body. In addition, the baby’s bones are significantly strengthened, and the body length increases by about 25 centimeters.

Significant changes occur in the nervous system. Intensively formed the cellular structure of the cerebral cortex. The structure and location of the nerve fibers is changing, which provides high-quality conduction of the nerve impulse from one cell to another, which is extremely important when learning.Particularly noticeable is the development of the visual, tactile, auditory and motor analyzers. So, a child of one year already distinguishes color, differentiates sounds, starts walking. But more on that later.

Emotional Sphere

What a child must be able to do in a year is to be surprised. At this age, surprise acts as a reaction to the unusual, new and bright for a child. This emotion indicates that the child is able to distinguish things from each other, to relate the known with the unknown. A sense of surprise in the first place, an emotion of cognitive nature. In the future, it is transformed into endless questions about the world.

It should be said that a child at the end of the first year of life generally has various and vivid emotions. He should be able to respond with facial expressions, gestures and different intonation to communicate with an adult. So, in response to the joke or laughter of the parents, the child begins to laugh himself. If he turns to him with an angry expression on his face, the child may be offended and even cry. With a cry, the child expresses his displeasure, for example, when a toy is taken away or punished.

In general, it should be noted that the emotional sphere of the child is an extensive field for diagnosing development at this age. With the harmonious development of the baby, emotions should be strong, rapidly changing, as well as of the most diverse spectrum: from laughter to discontent.

Personality Features

By the end of the first year of life, children have clear individual characteristics. You can already see the nature and temper, affection. By the year, some habits begin to form. The kid has simple skills, and even taste.

Speech shaping

First of all, it must be said that the child’s auditory system, like other analyzers, is developing at a tremendous pace. By the end of the first year, it allows to differentiate sounds, to perceive individual words and phrases.

One-year-old child is able to respond to words that for him are still only signals to action or expression of emotions of an adult. In his own way, the child begins to imitate the speech of an adult. Especially copy the intonation with which the other person speaks. The speech of the child of the first year of life is called “babbling”. After all, it is completely incomprehensible that the child speaks, you can track only the emotion with which the child wants to tell you something. A cry does not go anywhere from the child's speech pool.By the end of the first year of life, the cry ceases to be a permanent form of communication, and becomes an expression of a negative state - resentment, fear, reaction to an unpleasant sensation.

In addition, the stock of understood words increases, as well as the names of various actions and movements. A child of one year of life easily repeats new syllables for an adult, and also knows and knows how to pronounce up to 10 words. The first words of a child are always the simplest, for example, mother, woman, grandfather, give, etc.

Actions with objects

By the end of the first year of life, the baby acquires new actions with toys, begins to perform actions at the request of a significant adult. For example, he can put objects on each other, swing a doll, can remove and put rings on a stick. Also a one-year-old child can drink from a cup on his own.

At this age, a child can often and for quite a long time repeat a single action or movement, expecting a certain result. Hands become one of the main tools of knowledge of this world. With the help of feeling the child learns new objects, their functions. Pick up the subject and interact with it, one of the most important actionswhat can a child per year.

First steps

In normal development, a child of one year of life begins to take the first steps. Some by this age can already quite confidently stand on their feet and move a short distance.

So, the child is 1 year old. What can a person at this age? The most important thing to know about one-year-old children, is that the parent during this period of the child’s life has more influence on him than ever before. All mistakes of education at this age, often remain with a person for life. Help your child go through the difficult path of growing up, it’s so great to help the child take the first step, hear the first word from him.

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