What does fireball look like? How is it formed and what is dangerous (photo)?

Many of us have heard of such a thing as "ball lightning." I must say that few imagine what this phenomenon is. Not to mention ordinary people, even physicists and chemists still do not know what ball lightning is. What she looks like, some eyewitnesses described, but now, so to speak, not everyone could touch it. Of course, every self-respecting astrophysicist is trying to bring to the whole scientific world that he discovered something new, say, uncharted planets or galaxies. But here it is worth going down to earth, because on our planet there is a mass of unexplored natural phenomena.

What is ball lightning?

Today, so official science can not give an explanation of what is commonly called ball lightning. Even the leading experts in this field do not know what ball lightning looks like and how it is formed.

what does fireball look like

The point here is that theoretical physicists still cannot agree on a single opinion: it is plasma or electricity.Unfortunately, what ball lightning looks like, they know, but no one has yet managed to “shove” it into a test tube for research.

That in the movie, that in real life, we can often observe such specific effects. Not many directors allow themselves to recreate them, and even more so to do natural shooting. As is already clear, this is fraught with unpredictable consequences.

The point of view of official physics

What do the teachers who teach physics in schools, applicants for the defense of doctoral theses tell us? Yes, nothing. Officially, the question of how ball lightning looks like, or what impact it can have on a person, a lot is said about appearance, but not about the nature of the phenomenon itself.

looks like a fireball photo

Today it is believed that ball lightning is a plasma clot. True, official science still does not provide an explanation that such a plasma clot can emit electricity in the millions of volts. It turns out that questions about how ball lightning looks like, how this phenomenon is formed, remain unanswered.

Despite all our knowledge accumulated over the centuries, we still cannot give a definite answer to the question that interests us.But let's try to approach the concept from a slightly different point of view. To begin with, let us consider what the meeting with a lightning bolt of this type is fraught with.

What does fireball look like and how is it dangerous?

First of all, you need to imagine yourself clearly that ball lightning usually looks like a bright ball with light cutting eyes that “float” above the ground. Again, physicists do not agree on what ball lightning looks like (the photo will be shown below).

ball lightning looks like

In contact with such a thing, you can get either a blow of high-voltage current, or burn alive, as evidenced by numerous cases.

But what is interesting. Some people have experienced such situations and emerged victorious. Now we will not name them, but official science confirms that a short-term impulse is capable of exerting a sufficiently strong influence on the human brain centers. Almost everything has been heard about what a ball lightning looks like, but it is precisely the effect of its active manifestations that people, called psychics, can guess. By the way, many of them at one time, if they did not survive the meeting with the ball lightning, they certainly received an electric shock.More on this later.

The most frequent manifestations of ball lightning

In general, in the European part of our continent, the question of how ball lightning looks, how this object is formed, and what consequences it bears, in principle, can be ignored. But climbers say that in mountainous areas the appearance of ball lightning is considered the norm.

There is nothing surprising in this. If we consider the topic “Ball lightning: what does it look like?”, One should pay attention to those places that are the most dangerous, where, as it is believed, a meeting with a ball lightning is almost guaranteed.

These are the so-called tectonic fault sites. Take 37-38 parallel. Absolutely all the pyramids known to date (Egypt, Mexico, India, etc.) have been built along it.

Where does it occur most often?

Could it not be that the ancient people or aliens defended their buildings or access to certain data in this way?

what does a fireball look like in a house

Fireball, as evidence of this, was encountered on the path of many researchers, including the discoverers of Tutankhamun’s tomb. As you know, they all died an incomprehensible death in one year.Unfortunately, none of them left any clear diary indicating what is the ball lightning. What she looked like, though, they knew, but the meeting with her was considered to be fatal.

And Egypt is not the only indicator. Almost all the places associated with the construction of pyramids or ancient graves, one way or another associated with the appearance of ball lightning (probably, as a regulator of access to some of their functions, which, alas, we have no clue).

Education process

Now let's delve a little into the area of ​​the process, which implies the formation of such a clot of matter.

It is not necessary to say that this is matter. For those who understand the essence of the issue, we immediately note that ball lightning has a mass, which means that it is not light, expressed in the transmission of photons with zero mass. This is not a neutrino. Such particles are able to penetrate not only the Earth, but also each of us every second. What then?

Plasma and electricity connection

It is not enough to talk about what ball lightning looks like; you need to know the root causes of its physical occurrence. As is commonly believed, plasma formation in the form of a ball lightning carries a charge of static electricity,which can be transformed into a dynamic component and transmitted at a distance even under the condition of direct physical contact. If we consider the question of how ball lightning looks like (for a photo of a normal discharge, see below), it is worth noting the interrelation of these two phenomena.

what ball lightning looks like and how it is formed

The founder of almost the entire theory and practice of using electric current and transmitting it to any distance without wires is considered to be a brilliant physicist named Nikola Tesla.

what ball lightning looks like and how dangerous it is

It was he who conducted the first experiments to create the same ball lightning in the local version. Unfortunately, all these developments are deeply classified by the US special services.

Why you need to beware of such formations?

Surprisingly, with forms such as ball lightning, you need to be very careful. The fact is that an electrical discharge, following contact with such a substance, produces a completely inadequate effect on the human body.

what does ball lightning look like

Some believe that people who have experienced the impact of a ball lightning, open the so-called third eye, when an individual can predict and predict future events. Here it is worth paying attention to the Holy Scriptures.It has clear instructions about the fact that this is the work of devilish power. As far as this is true, we will not delve into it now, nevertheless, even many researchers of paranormal phenomena are inclined to believe that the question of what looks like ball lightning, and what this phenomenon is, note the fact that this phenomenon has not been studied not to mention whether it is divine or truly diabolical.

Influence on the human body and brain

Unfortunately, many factors affect our body. Who has not heard of the full moon, when dark forces wander in the form of vampires or werewolves?

Yes, indeed, the Earth’s satellite is capable of exerting a sufficiently large influence on a person, but nobody really thinks that practically the same effect can be obtained when ball lightning appears (in most cases it happens much faster, and for people who are exposed to influence of external forces or possessing extrasensory abilities).

What does a fireball look like in a house? And how to behave properly when it appears?

Now we come to one of the most "sick" questions.If such a formation in the form of a ball or hemisphere flies into a house, first of all, you need not move, because ball lightning reacts precisely to movement, and it is not always clear why.

Some professionals, who know a lot about phenomena of a detailed kind, recommend lying down on the floor, but not standing upright. It is believed that in this case the ball can simply fly from above without touching the person, since he himself does not cause air oscillations, thereby creating an area of ​​low pressure where the ball lightning can move initially.

In general, this is not an isolated case. It is worth noting only that almost anyone facing such a unique natural phenomenon, like ball lightning, is subject to a certain risk, not to mention fatal.

Nevertheless, one can cite quite a few examples when people experienced even contact with such a “touchy” as a physical substance in the form of ball lightning, and after that they received superpowers that were not typical of ordinary people at birth. It is believed that for this process in the transformation of DNA (the main chain of genes at birth) and some electromagnetic impulses can be answered, transmitted in the form of ball lightning.In addition, it is possible that there may be hidden some coded information, hidden from prying eyes.


Here, in fact, we briefly reviewed the main topic “Ball lightning: what does this phenomenon look like?”. As is already clear, there is still no consensus about the explanation of this unique phenomenon even among scientists. It remains only to guess what is actually hidden behind him.

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