What does the name say?

Someone believes that the characteristic of the name norole in the life of a person does not play, and chooses a name based on personal preferences, euphony and compatibility with the name and patronymic. Someone believes in the meaning of names and often notices that acquaintances and friends in general correspond to those types that are described in the characteristics of names. If you are one of them, you may have thought about what the person's name says, where the characteristics of the names come from and what affects them.

The influence of a name on a person's life

It is believed that each name has its own history andinherent to him a separate characteristic, which leaves its imprint on the personality and destiny of man. Most names have a rich history: many originate from Hebrew, Latin, Greek languages, are associated with famous historical figures.

In the basis of the meaning of the name lies its ancient root,which determines the nature of the name. So, for example, in the name of Alexander (Greek origin) there are two roots: "alex" - the defender and "andros" - the man. Combining the values ​​of roots in one single, you can already give a brief description of the bearer of the name "Alexander" - a strong and strong man, a defender of the weak. By this principle, you can identify the basics of many popular names.

Also important is not only the meaning of the rootname, but also the letters used in the name. To each letter there correspond those or other qualities. Combining the letters of the name together, you can create a brief description of the personality of the name carrier. The meanings of the letters of the name can be found here. An important role is played by letters combinations, the energy of the name is determined by them - how much the name is "strong", how vigorously it starts and how it ends, which also affects the character of the person.

In the extended characteristics of names you will geta detailed interpretation of the meaning (there may be several), and also find out various additional signs: the zodiac of the name, the stone-talisman, the lucky number, the lucky day of the week, and so on.

In our section Names you will find the characteristicsdifferent popular names. If you want to get as much information about the name, you can go to this site. And if you want to find the meaning of a rare, not Russian name, you can look here.

However, the name influences the fate of a person,while he is wearing it. If, for example, a person is not satisfied with his fate and character, he can change his name by choosing a more suitable one (the same applies to changing his last name). In this case, changes will occur in his life that can significantly affect him.

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