What is a cell?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
October 9, 2014
What is a cell?

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What is a cell?

The word "cell" has a variety of meanings, since it is used in different fields of activity. We will tell about the main ones in this article.

Meaning of the word "cell"

In biology there are several meanings of a given word, and therefore the answers to the question of what a cell is can be given different:

  • An elementary structural particle of all organisms (with the exception of viruses), which has its own metabolism, is capable of self-development and self-reproduction. There are both multicellular (fungi, animals, plants) organisms, and unicellular (bacteria, as well as protozoa like shoes ciliate).
  • The rib cage is the part of the body that is formed by the ribs, muscles, sternum and spine.cellIn the cavity of the chest are the lungs, heart, very important nerves and blood vessels.

In various fields, the term “cell” is used to designate space spaced out by squares. For example, "chess cage", "fabric in a cage", "notebook in a cage".

In architecture, the concept of "staircase" is used - an aperture in the ceiling of a building that has a vertical shape and is intended for the installation of a staircase.

Also a cage is a structure (usually metal or wooden) for keeping birds, animals, whose walls are made of rods and have the shape of a grid, a grid.

In addition, this word can be used in a figurative sense, for example, when it is said about a prison cell.

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