What is a certificate?

February 27, 2015
What is a certificate?

Certificate - a certain type of document, made on paper or in electronic form (in a modern computer context). It indicates the receipt of something: education, specification, academic status, confirmation of the breed (in animals).

On the origin, meaning and application of the certificate, read below in the article.

Certificate value

  • The word itself has Latin roots and is translated as "evidence", which, of course, greatly helps the perception of the meaning of the term.
  • The most common meaning of a word is a certificate of maturity, a certificate of secondary education (higher education is indicated, respectively, by not a certificate, but a diploma). Used in secondary and secondary specialized educational institutions. Testifies to receive secondary and specialized secondary education. It is handed over to a student who has successfully passed the final exams (certification).
  • In higher education institutions, the concept of “not certified” or “certified” can be applied to certain specific subjects that make up the educational process.

In electronic form, a certificate is assigned or issued to users of a resource. It gives the right to receive certain advantages over non-certified members of the network.

In animal breeding, the notion of a certificate is used to confirm the breed of an animal. Issued personally and gives the right to participate in breeding.

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