What is a chronograph?

Marina Nazarenko
Marina Nazarenko
March 28, 2013
What is a chronograph?

Modern watch lovers know what a chronograph is - this is a popular function of watches, thanks to which time intervals can be fixed. The name comes from a combination of two words of Greek origin, chronos - “time” and grapho - “write”. Why write, it is clear when you find out why you need a chronograph. Its purpose is not only to fix any intervals in time, but also to record and describe them. These mechanisms are also called chronoscopes.

Chronograph in hours

Explain what a chronograph in a watch can definitely not every owner. It so happened that this device is rarely used for its intended purpose, most likely, its presence in watches shows the status and taste of the owner of such a subject of pride as a chronograph watch. It is for this reason that many collectors are still hunting for chronographs with their own movements. Chronographs are very valuable in sports, in military affairs.

To clarify, the chronograph is called an additional mechanism in the watch - the usual stopwatch.It is located in the case of wrist watches and successfully coexists with this clockwork.

  • The chronograph performs the functions of starting, stopping and resetting the result. His work does not affect the work of the clock mechanism.
  • Various mechanisms of two types work in the chronograph, the chronograph details are difficult to find, therefore, if one of the mechanisms broke in the chronograph, the repair will cost a lot of money.
  • Chronographs are one-button, two-button or three-button. Also chronographs are divided into simple, split ones that have the function of removing the intermediate result, fly-back, when it is possible to instantly resume a new dimension and special chronographs.

To date, there are many manufacturers who produce mechanisms with chronography. Chronographs are in all brands of watches, even in phones, but only a few of them use their function. After more than a hundred years, chronographs are still valued, even more than before. Collectors are not interested in the chronograph watches themselves, but in the movement. In the disassembled state, it is a set of springs, buttons, wheels - chaos, which only a master can figure out.What is interesting, if you assemble such a puzzle flawlessly accurate, the clock will go with accuracy, and the chronograph will record the time, as it did 100 years ago.

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