What is a mat?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
March 25, 2013
What is a mat?

Many have heard the word "mate" in its various variants. About what mate, tell our article.

  • Mat is in a game called chess. It happens when an attack occurs on the main figure of this game - the King. In this case, the King can not leave or defend against this attack. That is, when the King was in a hopeless situation - it is checkmate.
  • Also mate exists in every gym of any institution. There it serves only one purpose — that the person does not hurt himself when he hits the ground. There are a lot of examples of using mat. Here are some of them:
    • it is placed under the rope, on which a person rises up when passing one or another standard;
    • placed on the other side of the crossbar during high jumps over this crossbar;
    • It is used as the basis on which wrestling or any similar competition takes place.
  • Mat is a cover for greenhouses, which is made of straw or reed. It is designed to protect greenhouses from the cold.
  • Also, mat is a slight roughness, dullness on the smooth surfaces of various objects, which deprives them of their previous transparency.Jewelers-gilders, there is a special liquid called "mat", which consists of incense, diluted with alcohol. Use it for a darkish or dull gilding.
  • A mat is also called a rug woven from bark or straw.
  • Mat is also a type of profanity, both in Russian and in other Slavic, and not only languages. It is believed that the Tatar-Mongol hordes brought it to our land and since then it has taken root and “got stronger”. In accordance with the generally accepted morality, the public use of this kind of “mate” can be regarded as hooliganism.

Unfortunately, in our time the use of the mat is not uncommon in any age and sex groups and strata of our society. It is also widely distributed and popular in modern literature. There are also known earlier cases when it was used in literature, including in the works of such classical authors as Pushkin, Mayakovsky and many others. "Zaboristuyu" and intricate swearing swearing is popularly called "three-story mat." Now you know what a mat is in different meanings of this word!

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