What is a plugin?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
August 14, 2012
What is a plugin?

If to speak the language of science, then the question of what a plugin is can be answered like this: a plug-in (from the English plug-in) is a software module that is independently compiled and dynamically connected to the main program.

What are plugins for?

Plug-ins are essentially additional programs that extend the capabilities of the main one. Plugins are executed, usually in the form of computer shared libraries. Thanks to the possibilities of plug-ins, you can use many additional functions in the program in which you work. Without the use of plug-ins, it would be practically impossible to implement these functions. We give examples.

We all access the Internet through a special program called a browser. A regular browser allows you to only view the contents of pages and nothing more. But as soon as we install some plugins, traveling on the Internet becomes lively and exciting. We can watch videos right on the sites, listen to music, play so-called flash games.You can also disable ads, download various files to your computer, view documents in various formats, and much more.

Plug-ins in computer games allow, for example, to make a video of the gameplay or snapshots of the game (the so-called screenshots) and then upload it all to the public, or upload your own music to the game and play it, add a lot of objects or scenarios to the game. and not list. Now let's talk about what to install the plugin and how to do it.

How to install plugins

Installing a plugin means placing it in the right place in the program folder. Currently, plug-ins are usually installed in the right place automatically - just click on the executable file (* exe), or simply download the plug-in (if we are talking about, for example, browsers). If you downloaded a file of a different format, then in the absence of instructions for installation - most often it is a text file Read Me (English read me) - go to a special forum or site and see how this plugin is installed. After restarting the program with the plugin installed, you can try out the new functions of your program.

What is a crash plugin

The collapse of a plug-in is called a critical failure of this component of the program. The program sees the script, but can not run it for some of its own reasons, only known to it. In this case, you need to reinstall the plugin and run the program again. Reinstalling the plugin is either to remove the corrupted version and reinstall it again or later, or you just need to update this component of the program, which will happen automatically after the launch of the new version.

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