What is a trimmer?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
December 19, 2014
What is a trimmer?

The word "trimmer" came to us from the English language, where it is used as an integral part to form words related to the mechanisms for trimming something. For example, string trimmer - lawn mower. How much has the meaning of this word changed in Russian? What is a trimmer and in what areas is it used?

The use of the term "trimmer"

  1. A trimmer is a portable lawnmower that has its own engine and is used for gardening. Trimmers vary in their capabilities and power. There are those that will help just mow the lawn, and there are those that form intricate designs on the lawn. Find out more from the article: Trimmer: how to choose.
  2. In the aircraft industry, a trimmer is called a part located on the tail of an aircraft and participating in its management. In this case, the trimmer "cuts" the airspace.
  3. In shipbuilding, a trimmer is a part of the keel that also participates in steering a ship. In this example, the trimmer "cuts" the water column.
  4. In the production of trimmers are called many of the machines and mechanisms, whose work is to cut or cut something.
  5. Also, the trimmer is a special machine designed for cutting. It can be used in salons and hair salons. There are special trimmers for cutting hair, for example, in sheep. And there are trimmers for cutting eyebrows.

As you can see, the application of this word is very extensive, but in general the meanings are similar to each other.

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