What is a voucher?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
December 1, 2014
What is a voucher?

Voucher is called documents that give their owners a certain advantage in different areas. A voucher, in other words a private check, is a kind of receipt or written confirmation of receipt of a particular product or a discount that applies to a particular service.

The term “voucher” literally translates as “receipt”, “confirmation” or “surety”.

The voucher is used in different areas: in trade, tourism, and also privatization.

Voucher to trade

In trade, a voucher is called a document that allows the owner to get any product or use the service. Now in the world of modern technology, you can see it in electronic form. For example, visiting the website of any online store, you can see the proposed discount on one specific or all products. This discount in the form of a receipt or card is a so-called electronic voucher. Experts in the trade are called a voucher and a power of attorney to receive the same service as a product.

Voucher in tourism

In the field of tourism, a voucher has its own meaning: it is a receipt confirming the customer’s payment of a travel ticket, a document that gives the customer the right to receive specific services, such as meals, a hotel, which are included in the already paid tour package. For example, if a tourist arrives at a place of rest, he provides a voucher that confirms all his rights to the receiving party.

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Privatization voucher

In the Russian Federation in the field of privatization, a privatization check is called a voucher. This is a document that has national value. It allows you to purchase property that must be privatized, in return for this voucher. Based on this, a privatization check is first acquired, and then state or municipal property.

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