What is alcohol?

To begin with, alcoholic beverages are considered to be beverages containing ethanol, that is, alcohol, ethyl alcohol. What is alcohol? Alcohol is divided into drinks with high and low alcohol levels. Alcohol with a high level of alcohol, as a rule, is made by driving beverages with low alcohol content. And alcoholic beverages with low alcohol content are made by fermenting starch-containing or sugar-containing products.


Strong alcoholic drinks are vodka, rum, cognac, whiskey, brandy, gin, tinctures, balsams, liqueurs. In turn, the wine also contains alcohol, but, unlike spirits, this alcohol is obtained by fermentation. There are many varieties of wine. They differ in strength, taste and aroma. Wines can be: flavored; sparkling; white, canteens, not sparkling; fortified. Differ in grades: white, pink and red. Low alcohol drinks include: various cocktails, gin and tonic beer.

Often people think what kind of alcohol to drink, but few people think about its effect on the body.Meanwhile, ethanol not only leads to toxic effects, but also causes various functional and biochemical changes. Ethanol itself is a psychoactive substance leading to a depressant effect on the nervous system. However, among other alcohols, ethanol has a relatively low toxicity, and causes intoxication. The use of large quantities of alcoholic beverages can be fatal. In addition, even in moderation, alcohol increases the risk of developing breast cancer, as well as malignant tumors of the gastrointestinal tract. However, drinking alcoholic beverages, again in moderate amounts, reduces the risk of diabetes and increases insulin sensitivity.

During pregnancy, drinking alcohol is extremely harmful, and can lead to the fact that the child will be born with anomalies of the nervous system and growth retardation. Also, drinking alcohol can lead to the development of hypertension. But, at the same time, small doses of alcohol have cardioprotective properties. But, despite all the side effects, alcoholic beverages are still consumed.The question remains, which alcohol is better? In France, it is considered healthy to drink an average of 175 ml every day. wines for men and 100 ml for women. The French believe that wine slows aging and cleans blood vessels. The main thing is not to drink on an empty stomach. It is better to use red wine between the 1st and 2nd dish.

Although the producers claim that their beer is a natural yeast drink with many vitamins, and improves digestion and blood circulation. However, this is not the case. Beer is absorbed by the gastric mucosa and penetrates the liver, inhibits the process of digestion. Therefore, there is a beer belly. Exceeding the rate of beer per day (200g.) Is unlikely to lead to something good. Well, how not to say about vodka! This drink does not have many useful qualities at all. One of them - the rapid movement of nutrients inside the body. That is why most medicinal tinctures are made on vodka. However, in the use of this alcoholic drink, the human body does not get anything good. There is no safe dose of this alcohol.

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