What is amnesty?

Marina Senkovskaya
Marina Senkovskaya
March 29, 2013
What is amnesty?

Very often in everyday life we ​​have to deal with any legal concepts. And their meaning is not always clear. Today we will examine what amnesty is?

Amnesty Definition

Amnesty is a measure that is applied by decision of the government to the persons who committed the crime. The bottom line is that the offender is partially or fully exempt from punishment, or should be replaced with a milder punishment, or the termination of criminal liability. And how does an amnesty differ from pardon? It is also quite simple. A pardon covers only one criminal, but an amnesty applies to entire categories of criminals. And these categories are determined by generic characteristics, for example: women or minors, or those sentenced to short sentences.

Amnesty is carried out for reasons of humanism, but amnesty carries with it a practical task, for example, to reduce the number of people in places of detention,or from a political point of view, is a way to achieve political goals, for example, ending a military conflict. In many countries, an amnesty announcement is timed to anniversaries or holidays.

The procedure for declaring an amnesty is enshrined not only by the Criminal Code, but also by the Constitution of the Russian Federation. However, the attitude towards the amnesty in society as a whole is wary. Also, many scientists and politicians have a negative attitude towards it.

And, dacha amnesty - what is it? The dacha amnesty is the provisional name of the law of the Russian Federation dated June 30, 2006, which made changes to some legislative acts on registration of certain immovable property, which entered into force on September 1. This law established simplified rules for the privatization of land plots that are in the use of citizens, and extended the terms of free privatization of municipal housing.

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