What is a sketch?

Literature and journalism are rich in various genres. One of these genres is essay. The first acquaintance with the essay takes place in school during Russian language lessons, and those who in the future study at the philological or journalistic faculty study the essay in more detail.

Definition of essay

In order to understand the essence of the question and understand what an essay is, you need to know its definition. An essay is not a very large literary work, which describes true events or incidents. Any essay is always based on a description of facts or events that occurred earlier. A distinctive feature of such a story is a descriptive character through the eyes of an eyewitness. An essay is an inexhaustible source of truthful historical information about certain people, events, facts. In the essay there is no time frame. The event, which is presented to the reader, can be both past and present. The main thing is that the actions or incidents described in the essay should be important for society. Such a story excludes the use of own assumptions and the subjective assessment of the author.

Place the essay in the literature

What place does an essay take in the cultural development of a person, what is the significance of this literary genre, and what is an essay in literature? The main purpose of the essay in literature is to convey to the reader information about the event “without cuts”, for example, about war or reforms, about any events of any country. The focus is not the person, but what is happening. A small narrative, called an essay, makes it possible to accurately and surely learn about dates and specific people. In the modern literary world, one can observe the events in the country and the world thanks to newspaper essays. There is no area of ​​human activity where this method of presenting actual events is not used. It can be concluded: an essay is one of the most important literary genres in which you can learn a lot of necessary, and most importantly, truthful information.

There are several varieties of literary essay, each of which reveals a specific problem to the reader. The main types of essays: travel, portrait and problem.

Travel essay

The author of this essay talks about his or someone else's journey, describing the whole journey.Everything that the author saw, heard or tried is true information. This essay is characterized by a description of the culture, customs and characteristics of the area, which the author visited.

Portrait sketch

The basis of this essay is a detailed, truthful story about a particular historically significant or interesting person for readers. For example, it could be a president, a politician, a famous artist or a poet. Many examples can be found in biographical articles, memoirs.

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