What is behind the name of the wine?

Wine is a common alcoholic drink that is consumed by both men and women. There are tasters who are the best at understanding it.

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The name of the wine can say a lot.I suggest a little understanding of this issue and find out the most popular and interesting names. First we learn about the origin of wines, which are most often consumed in our country:

  1. Vermouth.It is a fortified wine that has the aroma of herbs, oak bark, roots, seeds and spices. Basically it is used as an aperitif or it is an integral part of cocktails. This kind of wine is produced in France (dry, pale color, aged 3-4 years), in Italy (sweet, dark red, aged for 2 years) and other countries.
  2. Cabernet Sauvignon. It's a red wine, strong enough. It is produced in Europe and the USA from the best grapes, which is also called. The wine is persistent and long ripening.
  3. Cahors "South Coast".Dessert kind of wine, which is made from grapes "Saperavi". Its color ranges from ruby ​​to dark ruby. Due to his taste he has 2 gold medals. This drink is produced in the Crimea, but the name of the wine is known all over the world.

Georgian name wines

Of course, this list can be continued up toinfinity, since every lover of this drink has his favorites. Now let's figure out which of the varieties can qualify for inclusion in the list of "Best Wines of Italy":

  1. Barolo.It is considered the best wine that is produced in this country. This dry red wine is produced in Piedmont. Make it from grapes, which is called "nebbiolo." To many, the name of Barolo wine speaks of an incredible, multifaceted taste that can be enjoyed for a long time.
  2. Amarone.Another kind of unsurpassed wine, which, in fact, is produced from raisins. Due to this, its taste is quite saturated, and the consistency is thick. You should know that the wine has a slight bitterness, but it is fully compensated by the sweetness of taste. This species is quite popular with women.
  3. "Sassikaya." Dry wine is red, which is produced in Tuscany. This is the most vivid and popular type of Tuscan wine, besides it is the most expensive in all of Italy.

the best wines of italy

Georgian wines are traditionally popular in our country. Their names are on everyone's lips:

  1. Kindzmarauli - semisweet, red color.This name of wine is known all over the world. Also this is the most popular Georgian wine in our country, and all thanks to its rich and delicate taste. Make it from the grape "Saperavi".
  2. Hwanchkara.The name of the wine came from the area where the grapes grow, from which it is made. By the way, it was in these parts that the golden fleece was stolen. The wine has a dark ruby ​​color. Pour it through a special filter, which makes the drink very resistant.
  3. "The Kakhetian".Natural wine, which is produced from two varieties of grapes - "rkatsiteli" and "mtsvane Kakhetian". This dry white wine is golden-amber, has an incredible fruit aroma. It is ideally combined with seafood and salads.

These are just a few titles of the most popular wines, which we had time to consider in the article. In fact, there are a lot of them, and each option deserves special attention.

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What is behind the name of the wine What is behind the name of the wine What is behind the name of the wine What is behind the name of the wine What is behind the name of the wine