What is a CD key?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
March 29, 2012
What is a CD key?

Let's try to figure out what a CD Key is and why it is needed. A CD key, that is, a key, is a specific set of numbers and letters, indicated on the back of a disc with a game or program, which confirms the purchase of software. Only after entering this key in the appropriate field, when you install a program or game on your computer, it is activated. But this key only happens if the purchased disk is licensed. If you are the owner of such, then you can safely enter the key in the pop-up window when you start the disk. Otherwise, a program called keygen can help.

What is the CD key is already known, it remains only to understand the essence of the term "keygen". For hacking software, various sites are offered that represent unlicensed software and keygen or simply key generators. But it may not always be an alternative option, since it is illegal and not every time it will be possible to use it. After all, any cd key is unique and software developers have recentlytime began to put certain restrictions on the key algorithms with the program, because of which the hacked key can not be confirmed on the network.

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