What is chickpea?

Ksenia Gaynulina
Ksenia Gaynulina
February 16, 2015
What is chickpea?

Chickpea is an annual plant, leguminous crop, belongs to the legume family. They eat chickpea seeds, which are found in short and swollen pods. Particularly popular in the Middle East, chickpeas are used in traditional dishes - hummus and falafel.

Recently, it is increasingly possible to see on the shelves of domestic supermarkets. In this article, you will learn how useful chickpeas are and how it is prepared.

How to use chickpeas

Chickpeas has several names - Turkish or lamb peas, shish, bubble, nahat. It is rich in protein, therefore it is widely used in vegetarian dishes, it can also be an alternative to meat, if a diet is prescribed and you need to reduce the fat content of the dish. Chickpeas are consumed in boiled, fried and canned form. From germinated grains, you can cook a variety of dishes - add to salads, grind blender for vitamin cocktail.

Before you decide to boil the chickpeas, you need to rinse and soak in water overnight, and then proceed to cooking.

Chickpeas are almost impossible to boil, for example, as peas, so it is best to use it in whole or grind forms. In the article How to make chickpeas you will learn several recipes for cooking dishes with chickpeas.

How to choose chickpeas

Peas must be whole, clean and odorless. The larger the grains, the tastier they will be. If chickpeas are too dry, has a shriveled appearance, keep in mind that it will cook for a very long time.

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