What is a sketch?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
December 19, 2014
What is a sketch?

The meanings of many words are not entirely clear, as they have different definitions. For example, the word "etude" is used by writers, musicians, artists. What is etude? This is work done from life. In translation from French, etude means “learning”.

Etude as a literary work

In literature, a sketch is an independent work of a small size, in which a writer tries to convey his emotions, sensations and impressions of an object or event as truthfully as possible. For writing an etude, the most accurate words and expressions are selected so that the reader can present and feel what the author has seen.

The concept etude is also used in literary criticism. The expressive language of the genre allows you to put together a clear picture of a work of art.

What is a sketch in painting

An etude in painting is a sketch of a work made from nature. The drawing should be accurate in scale and proportions of individual elements, but without unnecessary detail of the picture.The sketch is carried out on paper or directly on canvas with pencil, charcoal or paint. The masters of etude painting include Levitan, Shishkin, Savrasov.

An exercise that enhances the art of writing landscapes is also called an etude. Etude painting contributes to the development of the eye, gives the artist a firm hand.

The concept of etude in music

In music, an etude is called a small instrumental piece, which is based on a certain method of performance. Musical etudes are used to improve the techniques of the artist. The most popular author of musical etudes is Karl Cherni. And the etudes of Frederic Chopin have artistic value.

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