What is folic acid for? and how to drink it?

What is folic acid for? and how to drink it?

  1. A young woman should drink folic acid in case she wants to become pregnant. And in pregnancy - if she wants to have a mentally balanced child. Lack of folic acid is the cause of the birth of children with large problems of the central nervous system. Throughout the world, the maintenance and upbringing of such disabled children requires enormous resources and moral costs of parents. Therefore, UNESCO invited all countries to reduce the price of folic acid and make it a compulsory drug in pregnancy.
    But folic acid should be drunk and in a more mature age, especially to men after 40 years, when there is a tendency to the occurrence of coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction. Folic acid makes the inner walls of the vessels smooth, which prevents the formation of atheroslerotic plaques.
  2. Folic acid. In 1941, Mitchell first isolated folic acid from spinach leaves. Folic acid is synthesized by intestinal flora. It is widely distributed in nature. Various forms of folic acid are known (pteroylglutamic acid, vitamins Vs, B9, B10, B11). In the tissues of plants and animals, folic acid is contained in a bound state, after the action of a special gastric enzyme analogous to the Castle factor, it turns into free (pteroylglutamine) acid, which is synthesized by the intestinal flora and absorbed into the intestine. The active form for the body is folic acid (vitamin H), formed by the action of ascorbic acid. Folic acid is involved in the synthesis of protein, the exchange of cholines, is part of cholinesterase.

    With a deficiency of folic acid in the body, the development of erythrocytes is inhibited, digestive disorders, gingivitis, hypotrophy, spastic paralysis, convulsions occur. These symptoms are also characteristic for the deficiency of thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, etc. It is therefore difficult to isolate the isolated effect of folic acid. Folate deficiency is also manifested when cyanocobalamin deficiency and holipus deficiency are present.

    The need for folic acid is 1 mg per day.

    Folic acid activates cyanocobalamin, so they are used together for anemia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis, with drug and other intoxications and liver diseases.

    The inadequacy of biotin (vitamin H) in the experiment is caused by the introduction of a crude egg protein containing avidin. When a large amount of protein is consumed in children, clinical manifestations of biotin deficiency arise: dermatitis with fine scaly skin peeling, seborrheic dermatitis, atrophy of the papillae of the tongue, as a result of which the tongue takes the form of a geographical one. Later, there are symptoms from the nervous system: paresthesia, hyposthenia, muscle pain, vomiting, gait change. In the future, fatty liver infiltrates.

    For the prevention, you should limit the consumption of raw chicken protein.

    The daily dose of biotin is 5 mg. At treatment this dose doubles

  3. Folic acid is usually prescribed for pregnant women, to maintain and normal development of the baby, drink 1-2 times a day
  4. This is the vitamin B group.
    .... is used for hypovitaminosis, macrocytic anemia, and leukopenia.
    ... apply: 1mg 1-2 times a day for 20 days.
  5. Folic acid refers to the vitamin B9.
    Which contains - Carrots, beans, green leafy vegetables, bran, cereals (barley), buckwheat and oat cereals, yeast, beans, bananas, nuts, oranges, apricots, cantaloupe, yeast, pumpkin, mushrooms, dates, roots. Meat: beef, liver, lamb, chicken, pork, milk, egg yolk, salmon, cheese, tuna.

    Some facts
    With regular use of alcohol, folic acid stores in the body are depleted.
    During heat treatment, up to 90% of folic acid, which is contained in raw food, can be destroyed. For example, when frying meat, loss of folic acid reaches 95%, when cooking meat and vegetables 70-90%, when cooking eggs - 50%.
    The use of bifidobacteria increases the synthesis of folic acid in the large intestine.

  6. Actually it is a vitamin.
  7. Drinking glasses
  8. prevention of anemia
  9. Folic acid is necessary for the creation and maintenance of new cells in a healthy state, so its presence is especially important during periods of rapid development of the body at the stage of early intrauterine development and in early childhood. The process of DNA replication requires the participation of folic acid, and the violation of this process increases the risk of developing cancerous tumors. First of all, the lack of folic acid affects the bone marrow, in which the active division of cells. The precursor cells of the red blood cells (erythrocytes) formed in the bone marrow, with a deficiency of folic acid, increase in size, forming the so-called megaloblasts (see macrocytosis) and leading to megaloblastic anemia.

    The degree of absorption and utilization of folic acid depends on the nature of the food and the method of preparation. Bioavailability of synthetic folic acid is higher than that of folic acid obtained with food. 1 To mitigate the impact of these factors, the recommended daily allowance is measured in micrograms of the food-preserving folate equivalent. Pregnant women are recommended to consume 600 μg, feeding 500 μg, and the rest 400 μg of folic acid equivalent per day. 1 μg of natural folate consumed with food equals approximately 0.6 μg of folate obtained in the form of tablets or as synthetic additives in food. According to two scientific studies by 1988 and 1994, most adults consume less folic acid than is prescribed by the rules. 23 However, in some countries from the end of the 20 century, the mandatory fortification of foods with folic acid led to the fact that e consumption came back to normal.

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What is folic acid for and how to drink it What is folic acid for and how to drink it What is folic acid for and how to drink it What is folic acid for and how to drink it What is folic acid for and how to drink it What is folic acid for and how to drink it What is folic acid for and how to drink it What is folic acid for and how to drink it What is folic acid for and how to drink it What is folic acid for and how to drink it