What is good bath?

Many people like to go to the bath, but they absolutely do not think about what the bath is good for. Every bath lover will say that it has a beneficial effect not only on the physical condition, but also on the mental state. For most people, going to a bath turns into a ritual, some go there in a big company, others like to take a steam bath in proud solitude. But we will devote this article not to bath rituals, but to the benefits of a bath.

What is useful bath

Baths do not happen without steam and hot air, due to which the pores of the skin open, and profuse sweating occurs. Together with sweat, your body leaves toxins and slags, which means that the bath helps to clean not only the surface of your body, but also the organism as a whole. Strengthening the effect of cleansing occurs due to the washing of sweat from the body, immediately after you sweat.

A visit to the bath enhances the work of the cardiovascular system, increases pressure, the blood begins to circulate faster through the body, and therefore faster to carry nutrients and oxygen.

To the extent that the bath activates the expansion of the pores, as well as stimulates blood circulation, the skin receives not only the cleansing of the pores, but enhanced delivery of nutrients. All this has a beneficial effect on the skin.After visiting the bath, she looks fresh and rested, but do not forget about hydration, because during perspiration in the bath the body loses a lot of fluid.

Bath relieves fatigue and gives relaxation. This is due to the effect of heat on the muscles, lactic acid, due to which we feel pain in the muscles, after going to the bath is reduced. Therefore, many practice visiting the bath after intensive training.

Also, the bath has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, the microclimate of the steam room makes us breathe more often, which fills the blood with oxygen more actively. In addition, the bath is a great place for inhalation, many people like to squeeze stones with various infusions of herbs, inhaling the steam from the infusions, you can strengthen the body.

In addition, the bath allows us to temper. In this case, we are talking about tempering with high temperatures and changing temperatures. After all, usually after you have steamed out, there is a desire to bathe in cool water, and this is the temperature difference. The body becomes more resistant to temperature changes. In addition, at high temperatures, most microbes die.

And, of course, the bath has to communicate, what could be more pleasant than to gather in a close circle of friends in the bath and slowly talk about life?

It is important to know not only what a bath is good for, but also how not to harm yourself by going to a bath. It should be noted that it is impossible to attend a bath at an elevated temperature, with acute inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract and joints, with diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension. In addition, you should not bathe until you lose your pulse, everything is good in moderation, your body will tell you when it's time to leave the steam room and drench yourself with clean and cool (or warm) water.

Here are some tips on how to take a bath:

  • In the bath can not be eaten.
  • Drink only hot drinks (better herbal teas).
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Do not abuse visiting the bath (no more than 1 time per week).
  • When you go into the steam room, first be placed on the low tiers, and gradually, as the body gets used to the microclimate of the steam room, rise higher.
  • Between entering the steam room you must give the body a rest.

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