What is GPRS?

Many users are not very clear about what GPRS is. This abbreviation stands for “public packet radio”. This is such an add-on mobile communication technology that transmits data. With this method of sending information, the radio channel used is occupied only directly in the process of data transmission. In this regard, achieved high efficiency of its application. The presence of GPRS allows the device to exchange information with other devices within the GSM network, as well as with external networks, to connect to the Internet and connect to relevant services: news channels, Internet pages, etc.

What is the difference between WAP and GPRS?

The difference, above all, concerns payment. When you use the Internet, connecting to WAP, a normal connection (CSD), at this time you have a phone busy. In this case, you pay for this connection in almost the same way as during a normal conversation on the mobile. While GPRS technology allows you to transfer data through parallel channels that do not interfere with normal communication.Payment for using the Internet GPRS implies charging by the volume of information exchange, and not by the amount of time spent on the network. What is GPRS traffic? These are transferred files when using the Internet. For example, the opening of any web page - already involves downloading text files and page design. It is more profitable to pay for Internet GPRS than for calls: about 10-20 cents for one megabyte of data. Thus, it becomes clear what GPRS is in the phone - this means that your mobile phone can always be connected to GPRS. The connection does not interfere with incoming and outgoing calls, and if you do not download anything on purpose, then the money does not go away from the account.

What is GPRS service?

Some operators, such as Megafon, Beeline, MTS, offer the GPRS-Internet service, which allows you to access the Internet and use all sorts of Internet services in the absence of a computer or landline phone.

Thanks to this service, you can use the Internet in any situation. For example, you can check e-mail, use the corporate network, you can coordinate the actions of employees via the Internet, regardless of where you are. You can download content, use ICQ or other means of communication.Conveniently, you can use your phone instead of a modem.

Before connecting to this service, make sure that your phone or smartphone supports GPRS.

What does GPRS-phone as a modem

Connecting a GPRS phone to a regular computer or laptop, you can get Internet access. The speed at the same time is comparable to a conventional modem. However, the maximum speed, which is 115 Kbps, is difficult to achieve in practice. The reason for this is the GPRS structure itself. The maximum speed will be achievable, provided that sufficient traffic is provided by the operator with the Internet, as well as at the base station to which your cell phone is connected, if there are free channels. The possibility of achieving maximum speed occurs at night, while the cellular operator’s networks are the least loaded.

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