What is incense? Meaning, idiom. Benefit and harm of incense

The question of what is incense is not surprising, because the word is obsolete. We learn what it is and how useful it is to be a passionate fan of incense. Moreover, the popularity of such attributes of everyday life does not decrease, but only increases. More and more people are discovering the mysterious world of the East, which, as we know, is a delicate matter.


What is incense?

When doubts arise in the meaning of a word, it is best to turn to an explanatory dictionary. So we will do. Our good friend states the following: "A fragrance for smoking, as well as smoke that rises during such smoking." This is the definition of incense.

That is, those who love to light up a flavored stick, not just indulge in, and maintain the tradition. True, the question of what is incense, therefore, arises that the word is currently considered obsolete.And the fashion for all sorts of Oriental smoking, on the contrary, is still on the crest of a wave and, apparently, enjoys the full support of the population.


Idiom incense

However, it is time to move on to replace the object of study. Readers need to warm up the time with new facts. Well, let's not wait for anyone. The list is as follows:

· smoke;

· Incense;

· Fragrance;

· Aroma;

· smell;

· Praise;

· Flattery.

Readers may be surprised by the last two positions in the list, because they do not belong to smells. Yes that's right. But we, so to speak, played the lead. In addition to the synonyms of "incense", we are still waiting for a steady phrase with it. And in that section, “praise” and “flattery” as language units will be useful to us. It would be possible to place them in the next section, but it is more convenient when synonyms are all gathered in one place and given in a single list. Sorry for this liberty. In order not to postpone cases indefinitely, we immediately turn to a stable phrase.


incense synonym

Of course, many have already guessed that it will be a question of saying “smoking incense”. It means excessive or deliberate flattery. Speech circulation appeared long ago and is associated primarily with kings and rulers, and the latter, as you know, had many flatterers.Someone smoked incense deliberately and with full consciousness of the matter, and someone just mimicred, merging with the environment, and thus saved his life.

But it would be a mistake to think that where there is no monarchy, there is no flattery either. Unmerited praise of the higher is a constant element of all social relations in any country. Only one who is not allowed by conscience does not use flattery as a weapon for achieving goals. And the rest with pleasure resort to this trivial method of promoting their own person.

Must warn: flattery is good, but short-lived, and the effectiveness of this tool depends on the circumstances. Some bosses like flattery, others don’t tolerate it, so the sycophant should feel subtly where the wind is blowing, and then, for one hour, you can be left without work. Hopefully, the reader is clear about the meaning of the phraseological unit with "incense."

To smoke or not to smoke is the question. Arguments for"

Incense: meaning

If the readers thought that we would now continue the line of sustainable expression and tell you why it was worth flattering the boss or any other person on whom something depended, then they were mistaken. We have a more pressing problem, and we will leave questions of conscience and honor for the time being.

Incense sticks (incense analogs) are extremely popular.Therefore, it is necessary to consider the question from a practical point of view and clarify whether it is worth burning them, and if so, how often. Consistently analyze the arguments for and against such a relaxation. Such a study will help us understand what incense is in the modern sense and how dangerous it is or, on the contrary, is safe.

So why do people prefer fragrant sticks? The list of their positive sides follows:

· Aromatize the air;

· Calm the mind;

· Let you relax.

The reader will surely say that all these are common phrases, as it is written almost everywhere. But after all, this judgment does not cease to be truthful; moreover, we need this information for the next section, where we will look at the shortcomings.

A man comes home, he wants to change the situation abruptly, and he sets fire to the incense stick to feel and smell the house. And there is nothing wrong with that. But we must remember the measure.

Why you should not get involved in overseas fragrances?

Having studied the sources well, we understood that not all wrap-around sticks are equally useful. And all because the perfidious sellers sometimes use low-quality products in the manufacture of goods - artificial flavors. Good people are advised not to trust cheap price tags.There is another criterion: the smell should not be felt through the packaging. We do not know how the reader, but we apparently never encountered high-quality incense.

And since we have no reason to ruin anyone, we first say what complications can occur if we smoke incense, for example, every day, and then discover the secret of how to minimize the risk of disease. Note that we do all this from pure humanism and love for people. First diseases:

· cancer;

· Respiratory diseases;

· Allergy.

And to avoid this is simple and easy - it’s not too often to use these relaxants. Sources say: people will not have problems if they smoke incense less than twice a week. That is, with all the great desire incense - these are not the elements of life that can become part of everyday life. And yes, you should not believe those who say that expensive incense does not harm. Any product undermines the protection of the body, if you do not know the measures in its use. Now the reader knows what incense is, and you can’t see it that easily. Our world is a big store. It has a lot of different temptations, including olfactory.The main purpose of trade is to sell. Therefore, the reader must be extremely attentive. But the first step has already been taken: we talked about the importance of incense for life. The benefits and harm of incense, we think, are obvious.

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