What is logic?

Vera Melnikova
Vera Melnikova
January 26, 2015
What is logic?

Logics. This word and the words with the same root are often used in speech. The logic of presentation, it is logical to prove, logical reasoning and many other phrases are familiar to the Russian language. And what is the logic? What is its etymology, that is, the origin? What does this word mean?Logic is a word of Greek origin, translated as “the art of reasoning”.

The meaning of the word "logic"

  • First, logic is a science. What does logic study? The subject of her study are methods and methods of correct reasoning, reflection. It includes the laws of a clear, accurate refutation or proof of something, methods of obtaining true knowledge about the world, society and man. It is often called the science of "output knowledge", that is, its laws and ways to achieve the truth help to "deduce", to correctly find the truth. For example: "Logic is one of the sciences that helps to know the truth."
  • Logic is the process of thinking, which is characterized by regularity, consistency, evidence, the ability to see and understand the cause-and-effect relationship between objects and phenomena.For example: "The logic of his reasoning always amazed the audience with its clarity and consistency."
  • The logic is called the internal pattern, which is characteristic of natural and social phenomena. For example: "The logic of the actions of a people during a rebellion or uprising is sometimes difficult to understand, but it certainly always exists, since any popular action necessarily has certain goals and objectives."

Spheres of use of the word "logic"

  • The main spheres of use are scientific, official business and journalistic.
  • Knowing what logic means, people often use the word in everyday colloquial speech when it means something consistent or not in the actions or statements of a person.

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