What is lunch?

December 19, 2014
What is lunch?

Today, quite often you can hear words borrowed from other languages. At every corner there are "second-hand", "make-up", "mainstream", "teenager", although they may well be replaced by native Russian words. Some words are so “stuck” in the Russian language that it seems that they are not borrowed at all (for example, trolleybus, parking, etc.) It has become fashionable lately to use the word lunch. What does it mean?


Lunch (or, in another variation, lunch) - from English. luncheon (abbreviated lunch) - the second breakfast in the UK and some other English-speaking countries, usually from 12 to 14 hours. For the designation of food intake at this time, the concept of dinner is also sometimes used. The standard lunch option is salad and sandwiches, sometimes soup. Busy people have very popular lunches on the go - ordering food at fast food restaurants right from the car.

Example: “It's time for lunch,” Mr. Brooke announced, looking at his watch. L. Olcott.

A lunch break in offices or schools is called a lunch-break. In our cafes and restaurants, special day complex lunches appeared - the so-called business lunches.

The word lunch also has another, little-known meaning: from the word launch - a small boat, a boat for service in the harbors. Example: "A port lunch swam to our board."

So, you know what lunch is.

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