What is poplin?

Surely, many when choosing bed linen collided with the word "Poplin", but does everyone know its value? In this article we will tell you what poplin is and what virtues it has.

About the structure and advantages of poplin

This fabric is widely used for manufacturingbed linen, it's not a secret that the poplin is pretty durable and practical. The thing is that poplin is one of the varieties of calico, in which the principle of a special linen weave of threads is used, which makes poplin qualitative. This tissue is not entirely smooth, and there are small scars throughout its surface - due to the fact that the main thread (thin) is intertwined with a thicker one. A similar fabrication principle was invented a long time ago, in the Middle Ages in France.

Despite its scarred surface, poplinvery soft and pleasant to the touch. In addition, such a fabric retains its original appearance longer after a lot of washing. In production poplin has four varieties: multicolored, printed, bleached and smoothly dyed.

It is believed that such a fabric is used inmainly for the manufacture of bed linen, but it is not. From poplin also sew pajamas, women's dresses, men's shirts and other various everyday things. Bed linen from poplin will be a wonderful gift, and after reading our article "What bedding is the best?" - http://elhow.ru/zdorove/son/kakoe-postelnoe-bele-luchshe, you will be able to decide the choice.

If you are a skilled needlewoman, it will be useful for you to read our article. How to make a doll with your own hands, after all, poplin, is perfect for decorating the elements of a future craft.

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