What is Puer?

For fans of tea ceremonies, pu er isa unique drink. In China, Puer tea is prepared using special technologies that make it original and unique. This drink can be called postfermented tea. Usually it is produced in Yunnan Province.

In the article it is said about the qualitative features of this tea, and about the production of puer.

Features of tea

Talking about what a pu er is, it is also worthnote that this tea is significantly different from all other varieties of this drink. For example, it is especially important to pay attention to its properties, which positively influence the human body. Not for nothing is Puer included in many programs for weight loss and recovery.

It is worth noting the aging of this drink. It is believed that the more tea is seasoned, the better, tastier and more useful it is. This is what distinguishes Puer from all other types of tea, which, on the contrary, over time lose their precious properties and aromas.

Making tea

During the production of this tea specificallyThe raw materials are used, which is sustained for about eight years. During this period of time, fermentation processes occur inside which change not only the taste and smell, but also the composition of the substances themselves.

Sale Puer in different forms. It can be pressed or rasypnym. Usually one can find a pressed-up view in the form of a nest, a pumpkin, a brick or a pancake. By the degree of processing, it is also possible to observe varieties of this drink. For example, there are teas Shu Puer and Shen Puer. Although the basis of these varieties is the same raw materials, it prepares in different ways. The first difference, which immediately catches your eye, is the color. Shu Puer compared to the tea Shen Puer has a darker shade.

In addition, the leaves in tea also have a certain color, for example, Shen Puer tea is green, and Shu Puer is dark brown. The taste is also different: Shen Puer has an interesting aftertaste of prunes.

On the correct brewing of tea can be found from the article How to brew puer.

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