Modern logistics is able to help out in any situation - almost everyone now purchases abroad. The need to transport cargo from abroad rises both before businessmen and ordinary citizens. Fortunately, now it is not difficult: trade relations are developed between countries, so transportation is controlled by legislation. Although, of course, the first time the occurrence of difficulties will be an ordinary phenomenon. In this article we will look at how delivery is carried out, and how to implement it with the least cost and problems.

Each cargo has its own characteristics of transportationEach cargo has its own characteristics of transportation

How to deliver the goods from abroad?

Transport companies that offer their range of services in this market, depending on your preferences, will help to deliver cargo from abroad.
Delivery may be different and depend on the country of destination, the volume of transportation and the client's ability to pay bills. As a rule, the shorter the delivery time, the more expensive it is. But not every delivery is suitable for every kind of goods.

What delivery methods are there?

Sea transport and air transportation are preferable in this case when transported to a country separated from Russia by water. For sea delivery, the cargo is packed in a sea container. This method is considered quite cheap, but containers are often in transit for about two months. In addition, the transportation of cargo from the port, where the transport arrives, to a further destination lies on the shoulders of the client.
Carriage of goods by sea - a fairly reliable method of deliveryCarriage of goods by sea - a fairly reliable method of delivery
As for air travel, it is considered the fastest delivery method. After three days, you can already meet your cargo in the right place. The disadvantages of this type of transportation are its high cost, customs inspection, and in some cases, delivery to the place of destination is carried out independently. In this way it is better to deliver a small load.
Another delivery method is rail transport. This method is good for those countries that have rail links with Russia. However, rail transport is not the cheapest pleasure, during transportation customs inspection is required.But the cost of transportation does not depend on the volume of cargo (only containers are considered).

What is the most popular way?

And yet, the most popular method of transportation is considered to be automobile, if we talk about inland delivery. This is a more reliable and less expensive type of transportation of goods, and delivery is carried out right to the door. But it is worth pointing out one important shortcoming: no one guarantees the integrity and safety of things, often with damage, the transport company refers to customs officers. Delivery times may also be delayed.
Shipping container from China can also be carried out using this type of transportation. If you still want to speed up the process, then do not send the cargo as part of groupage cargo. In this case, the container will reach faster and at reasonable rates.
According to the editors of, it is very important to successfully choose a transport company for the safety of transportation and just your peace of mind. It is better to trust the recommendations of friends who will tell about all the nuances.

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