What is tuning?

October 4, 2012
What is tuning?

Actually the concept of tuning has a fairly broad meaning, but most often it is used in the automotive field. What is tuning and what is needed for its implementation - the topic for the next 20 minutes.

Tuning: the definition and essence of the concept

Translation of the word tuning from English will mean adjustment, tuning. This is what (adjustment, adjustment) lovers of original cars are doing, so they are often asked what car tuning is.

In general, in Western Europe, tuning is to create a unique, exceptional car for a specific owner based on his interests, preferences and wishes. In our country, most often, the tuned car is called an externally converted (improved) car.

Thus we see that we can talk about tuning external, internal, technical.

Hundreds of thousands of standard cars "the same person" give birth to auto conveyors. And only thanks to the tuning, you can give individuality to your car, select it, mark its external and (or) internal uniqueness.

Tuning steps

So, what is needed for tuning a car? A lot of things, because there is no limit to perfection, from the simplest stickers and moldings, to more serious changes even in the engine itself. Consider the process of tuning in stages.

External tuning, perhaps the easiest option. Technical characteristics of such tuning does not affect (although there is anything). Tinted windows, airbrushing and decals, car moldings, chrome plating and plastic awnings are examples of what is needed for external tuning of a car.

There is also an external tuning that can slightly improve the characteristics of power and mobility of the car. Additional air intakes for brake cooling, as well as spoilers that increase the pressure of the car to the road, will be very useful for increasing the speed features (good for sports cars).

Next - easy technical tuning. Here you can say that this chip tuning. In essence, this is a change in the electronic security in the computer's ECU (electronic control unit). The purpose of these changes is to increase the engine power without capital interventions in its design.Changing and adjusting the values ​​of the program embedded in the electronic control unit is chip tuning.

The further, the more experience is needed. It is impossible to touch knots and units of the car without corresponding knowledge. A car is a whole body, you can go wrong in trifles, and the consequences will not turn. Although in tuning the little things do not happen. In general, without a theoretical and practical experience, experimenting on a good car is not worth it. At this level, tuning represents changing gearboxes, replacing gearboxes, and increasing engine power.

Well, the top (although not the limit) - ultra-light and super-power transmissions and engines. They are distinguished by strong and very lightweight alloys that make parts, and therefore your entire car is unique and exclusive.

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