What is useful swimming?

Swimming - it is physical activity, and rest at the same time. Moreover, such a combination is not contraindicated to anyone, ranging from nursing infants and ending with gray-haired old-timers. This is perhaps the most important item from the entire list, than swimming is useful. Water reduces body weight by a factor of ten, leaving no chance for any damage due to carelessness. The only obstacle that a person has to face is the fear of depth. Overcoming such a barrier, a person gets a feeling of pleasant psychological victory.

Is swimming useful in general?

Swimming has a beneficial effect on everyone, without exception. The alternation of muscle contractions and relaxation during the swim increases the efficiency and strength of the whole organism. The endurance of the body increases, and, consequently, the immunity and its general tone is getting stronger. In the process of swimming, involuntary hardening of the body occurs, which ultimately will affect the number of colds. The body's ability to thermoregulate increases, so that it becomes less sensitive to temperature changes.The person stops chilly, hands and feet become less sensitive to cold.

What is the use of swimming in the pool for children?

Experts recommend to teach a child to water as early as possible, and some advise not to wean from water from birth (after all, the fact that newborns can swim). The swimming pool will be the best place for year-round swimming. You can study here all year round, without becoming dependent on the weather in summer and not stopping classes in winter.

From a recreational point of view, swimming at an early age serves as an excellent prevention of colds. Children who are engaged in swimming are not subject to diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. They are not afraid of scoliosis, a violation of posture; they do not suffer slouching or muscular dystonia.

In addition, classes in the pool give children great joy. The child becomes more disciplined. Self-control, decisiveness, courage and independence develop. Water is used to massage the surface of the child’s entire body, including the place where the nerve endings are located.Therefore, children who attend the pool at least twice a week have a stable psyche and sound healthy sleep.

What is the use of swimming for adults?

If swimming is so useful for children, then it can not be unhealthy for adults. The preventive effect is almost the same, since water does not make any age differences. But, speaking of an adult person, we can talk about the healing properties of swimming.

First of all, it concerns weight loss. It is unlikely that any aerobics can bring such a tangible effect. The fact is that during swimming the respiration rate is rhythmic: one inhale and exhale for a full cycle of swimming movements. Naturally, breathing often will not work. With slower breathing, blood flow to the lungs increases, which helps to get rid of excess calories.

From the gym water surface distinguishes the load on all the muscles of the body. This load affects all muscle groups. It is by its nature intense, but also sparing, as the water does not allow sharp shocks and blows. It is the maximum uniform load contributes to the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. The small muscles close to the spine are relaxed.This fact prevents the occurrence of hernia and osteochondrosis.

Swimming is a great aerobic workout that increases lung volume and normalizes heart function. The lungs and vessels are occupied by the intensive supply of oxygen to muscle tissue. Therefore, this systematic practice contributes to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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