What is a laser printer?

We will give a few recommendations on which laser printer to choose and buy for your home.

1 tip. Do you need to overpay for additional features

First, determine what the purchased printer will be used for the most part. Do you need to print photos, texts, drawings or diagrams? The most common use of laser printers is text printing. A color printer will give you the opportunity to print photos, but it is better for this purpose to prefer an inkjet printer. A laser printer with A3 format will be more useful for printing diagrams and drawings. But do you need such a function? If you don’t need such functions, and you’ll have enough possibilities of regular text printing, then you shouldn’t overpay for other bells and whistles.

2 advice. Do you often plan to use a printer?

Each laser printer has a recommendation on the number of printed sheets per month. If you need to print a lot, then you should pay attention to models with higher productivity, this will allow to get the print of proper quality, save on printer maintenance and not ditch it ahead of time.For home, it is better to choose a laser printer with a monthly amount of 1000-2000 copies. Do not worry if sometimes you will exceed this number, this will not break the printer, the main thing is that it does not repeat all the time.

3 advice. Print resolution

Print resolution is the number of dots per inch (dpi). 300x300 dpi will be enough for normal printing, 600x600 dpi resolution is suitable for small text, which is the most common. There is also a resolution of 1200x1200 dpi, which is called interpolated.

4 advice. Printer “brains” - processor and memory

The printer is a device for paging. That is why, with the “print” command, information gets to the printer, which keeps it in its memory until the document is completely printed. Which laser printer is suitable for home use? For a home, it will be enough memory in 2 MB. If you print presentations and other weighty files, you will need a printer with a larger RAM. Some models have a connector for connecting additional memory cards to the printer, which can increase the RAM.It is also worth considering, if you have not yet decided which laser printer to purchase. The processor, or printer frequency, indicates the print speed. 100 MHz will be enough for a house.

5 advice. How much is the first page printed

To print text on paper, the laser printer has a “stove” in which a certain temperature must be maintained for successful printing. It takes time to reach the set temperature, which is why printing does not occur immediately after the “print” command. Typically, laser printers are enough 5-20 seconds to get ready for printing.

6 advice. Print speed

Which laser printer to buy? What is the print speed? Print speed is a measure of the number of pages printed by the printer per minute. It is better to choose models ranging from 12 pages per minute.

7 advice. The operating system on which the printer will work

Choosing a laser color printer, what should the operating system be? This will be indicated in the printer specifications. Most printers support the Windows operating system, but for other operating systems you will need to get additional drivers.To prevent this from happening, before you buy, find out which OS your selected printer model supports.

What a good laser printer to choose depends only on your preferences and its application. These tips will help you make the right choice of printer.

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