What sports are there?

According to rough estimates, there are more than 200,000 sports in the world. And this is not the limit, because they are created almost daily. In Russia, there is an official list of sports, which made 159 entries. In addition, each type is split into at least 3 subspecies, and the maximum of this value reaches 200. For example, motor sport has 104 subspecies.

Sports classification

The division of sports is carried out according to signs that are common to all disciplines. Consider what sports are in the world, and how they are characterized:

  • individual - sports in which one participant competes (golf, billiards, tennis, chess, croquet, etc.);
  • cyclic - movement of the body in space using cyclically repetitive movements (biathlon, swimming, jogging, paddling, skiing, a number of types of athletics, etc.);
  • team (game) - a team of players participates in competitions, which, as a rule, competes with a similar team of rivals (football, hockey, handball, basketball, tug-of-war, etc.);
  • power - participants compete in exercises with special heavy projectiles (weightlifting, weight-lifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting);
  • sports martial arts - an athlete wins the other as a result of power exposure under certain conditions (boxing, sambo, aikido, kick boxing, wrestling on belts, hand-to-hand fighting, etc.);
  • Complicated - requiring special skills and abilities of the participants related to owning their body and coordinating movements (parkour, diving, downhill skiing, sports acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics, etc.);
  • technical - competitions related to the use of technical achievements of society (bobsleigh, shooting, speedway, karting, motoball, rally, etc.);
  • applied - competitors demonstrate military or business skills (sport fishing, horse riding, sailing, orienteering, casting);
  • extreme - competitions are associated with a high risk to the life of the participants (mountaineering, diving, caving, sports tourism, winter swimming, etc.);
  • Aviation - the use of aircraft (helicopter and glider sport).

Winter sports

On the eve of the Sochi Olympics, interest in them only increases. Especially popular are:

  • biathlon - shooting skiers competition;
  • figure skating is the most beautiful, aesthetic and cultural winter sport;
  • Curling is a young but actively developing winter sport.

But all surpassed, of course, hockey. According to one of the versions, this name comes from the ancient French “hoquet”, which means “herding staff with a hook”. Hockey is a team sport; the game, the main driving force of which is the desire with the help of individual or team actions to score into the opponent's goal the maximum possible number of pucks.

Back in the 16th century, the Dutch practiced playing with clubs and a ball on ice. Later they taught the British and Scandinavians this. But modern ice hockey owes its origin to Canadians. Numerous reservoirs and long winters helped the inhabitants of this country come up with affordable entertainment. Initially, instead of the puck, a heavy ball was used, and the number of players reached 50 or more.

In 1870 ice hockey became a mandatory competition at all sports events.The first rules for the game were invented by students at McGill University, and in 1879, Canadian Robertson proposed a version of the first official rules, then the first rubber washer was thrown into the game.

Montreal became famous for the fact that it was here in 1899 that the world's first covered hockey ground was built. And already then she had artificial ice. The stadium could accommodate an unprecedented number of spectators at that time - 10,000 people. All these events took place simultaneously with the registration of the Canadian Amateur Hockey League. It is worth adding that the first team of professional hockey players is also Canadian, and was organized in 1904.

Water sports

All sports related to water, called water or "aquatic". Competitions can take place both on open reservoirs and in pools; both between teams (synchronized swimming, water polo), and between individuals (surfing, diving), with the use of additional equipment (rowing, sailing), and without it (swimming, diving).

Ten sports are listed in the program of the Olympic Games, three more - regatta, surfing and diving - have every chance to get there in the near future.Competitions in these types have long been held regularly according to clearly defined rules and attract a large number of fans.

Sportsmen give special attention to the choice of equipment for classes and competitions. Indeed, besides its aesthetics and convenience, it should also have water-repellent characteristics, the ability to dry quickly and be resistant to constant “wet-dry” cycles.

The popularity of these sports is quite high and has its audience of fans.

Extreme sports

The century of nanotechnology and high speeds makes a person in constant tension, perform daily work at a crazy pace and withstand the load at the limit of its capabilities. This is a state of constant stress. The wedge that man has driven himself. And it can only be knocked out by another wedge. Therefore, the popularity of extreme sports is growing at an unprecedented pace.

Today, about 40 species are already known, and it is possible that a new one is being born at this moment. Everywhere: on the ground (bocking, trial); on the water (aquabike, windsurfing), in the air (parachuting, hang gliding), under water (diving) and even underground (caving) is used a surge of adrenaline and human emotions.

It is this category that demonstrates what kinds of sports human imagination can create. It is possible that some of them can be seen among the Olympic disciplines.

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