What to give to employees?

In order for relations with colleagues to become warmer, and the omissions are forgotten faster, from time to time you need to make them small presents, especially if you occupy a management position in the company.

In this article we will talk about what you can give to your employees.

Employee Gift Ideas

Undoubtedly, there are a huge number of gift options for colleagues. However, it is necessary that the gift turned out not the most banal and was a joy. Consider some interesting ideas.

Business gifts

If you want to congratulate several colleagues on the holiday, you will have to carve out for this a substantial budget. But if you dwell on business accessories, you can significantly save money. So, colleagues can donate something from the following list:

  • organizer;
  • original notebook;
  • a mug with a photo;
  • pen with a commemorative inscription;
  • diary;
  • advanced calculator;
  • stationery set.

Classic Gifts

You can go more simple way and give classic gifts - a box of chocolates, alcohol, cosmetic sets, flowers, bouquets of toys.Such gifts will be inexpensive, and the staff will be pleased with your attention. You can attach to each gift card, signed by his own hand. Colleagues will be flattered by your attention and warm words.

Lottery tickets

When there are several dozen people in a team, it will take a solid budget to congratulate everyone. However, you can search for options through which it can be significantly reduced, and most importantly, everyone will be satisfied. It is a good idea to present each employee for a particular holiday with a lottery ticket. It is inexpensive, but, meanwhile, you are giving colleagues hope to win something significant - household appliances, a cash prize, or even an apartment. You will see, even if no one wins anything, not a single colleague will be offended by you.

Employees will also respond well if you present them with a certificate for attending a film show or a movie ticket. In the second case, you get a kind of team building.

You can find some more original gift ideas for employees in our article What to give to a colleague.

Pleasant trifles

You can give the staff pleasant little things that will cheer them up when they look at your gift. The following may be a gift:

  • wall or wrist watch with a photo of a colleague;
  • case for mobile phone;
  • pillow with a photo of a colleague;
  • elegant teapot;
  • mug in an unusual performance;
  • Thermocup.

Accessories and interior items

A good gift will be accessories or interior items. You can give key chains, figurines of Feng Shui, pillows, small toys. There will also be appropriate sets of dishes. It is not necessary to give a set for 24 people, because a good gift will be a pair of tea or a vase, better, of course, crystal.

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