What to make of kinder?

Many people get great pleasure when they create something new. And to give a new life to the things that you are going to throw out is not only exciting, but also useful. A kinder surprise is a chocolate egg, inside of which there is a plastic container with a surprise (also in the form of an egg). If you have a child who loves the kinder surprise, then surely you have a lot of eggs at home from this delicacy. You are wondering what can be made from kinder eggs, in fact there are a lot of options. It all depends on your desire, skill and imagination.

Show imagination

Let's look at what to make of kinder surprise. If you show a little imagination, then the usual plastic yellow egg can turn into a bunny, and a pig, and a bear cub, and even a chanterelle. For this you need a little bit, just colored paper, scissors and glue. Cut paper ears, tail, eyes and paws of the animal that we want to do. And just stick them on the egg. And so, the animal is ready.

With the help of foil, which often remains from chocolates, you can turn plastic eggs into Christmas tree decorations.To do this, you need to wrap the egg in foil and make a loop, which will serve as a mount. And your Christmas tree for the New Year will be decorated with the embodiment of your creativity.

Until now, the question of what to make of a kinder is more difficult, let's look at more complex crafts.

Flower kinder bouquet

For the bouquet we need:

  • Kinder eggs (several pieces)
  • Scissors
  • Plasticine
  • Plastic bottle green
  • Chupa Chups sticks

To begin, open the kinder of the egg, and with the help of scissors we cut the triangles along the edges, giving it the shape of petals. A stand for our bouquet can be any container, a pot or even a cardboard box on which a lawn can be made from clay. With the help of sewing or scissors it is necessary to make a hole in the egg for our stem. Next, from the green plastic bottle you need to cut the leaves, then with an awl you need to make a hole for attaching them to the stem. It remains only to collect the flower entirely. To do this, we put leaflets and a flower on Chupa-Chups’s wand, and so on with all the details. Now we collect the bouquet together and put it in a pot, or we fasten it on clay. And these flowers will delight you even in severe frosts.

Caterpillar of Kinder Surprise

Now consider what can be done from kinders. Let's try to make a caterpillar.

For this we need:

  • several eggs from Kinder Surprise
  • knitting yarn in different colors
  • Double-sided tape
  • colored paper
  • beads
  • scissors

So, let's begin. We tear off the scotch box and glue it to the top of the egg. Then we wrap an adhesive tape over the bottom of the plastic shell. We will perform the same procedure with the second part of the egg. Then we tear off the protective layer of adhesive tape and wrap it with threads, either in different colors, or in one color of your choice. There are several such "fluffy" eggs. Next, with the help of sewing, we make a hole in the egg below and above, into which we thread the thread and, as if we tie the resulting colored balls. So that your thread does not fall out, and the whole structure does not collapse, we fix it with a bead on the very last egg. From colored paper, you can cut out the eyes and mouth and stick on the resulting funny toy. All your caterpillar is ready. And if you show imagination, then with the help of fishing line and two sticks you can turn it into a puppet.

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