What to say at confession?

Quite often, those who first decided to go to church for this sacrament need to speak at confession. It is important to understand that confession is not just a heart-to-heart conversation with a priest, but a religious ceremony, aimed primarily at repentance.

In confession, full determination to fix your life is important. The realization that it has become difficult for you to live because of a sin or even a few is the first step towards correction. Only after complete understanding of this should be recorded on confession.

In some situations, not only repentance after committing a sin can be a reason to go to confession. If you find it difficult to distinguish the good from the bad, or life seems useless and painful - you can also come to confession, because the church is always open to those who need it.

What sins to speak at confession

One of the main mistakes of people who come to confession is to list all their sins in their lives. It is extremely important to highlight exactly why you came. Sin is an act against the church, God.This is a kind of violation of morality - its own, alien, public. In Christianity, there are eight deadly sins, the accomplishment of which has dire consequences for man - anger, sadness, gluttony, fornication, despondency, vanity, pride and avarice. In addition, there are personal sins - these are various actions against conscience and God. As a rule, a person can identify some sins only by himself, they are not registered in any holy book. Sin can be the act that in every way possible your life.

No matter what you come to church with. In confession, the main complete repentance and inner understanding of the deed.

What to say to the priest in confession

Confession in Orthodoxy, as in most other religions, is a conversation with God about your wrongdoings, asking for help. The priest serves only as a witness of this conversation, an assistant of God on earth. Therefore, in the confession it is important to be extremely frank and not to hide anything that you are. It is especially important to tell you what is most troubling you at the moment, not forgetting about the small things and details of the offense for which you want to repent.

The priest can be entrusted with his greatest secrets, because he has no right to tell anyone about your confession.Remember that one should not be afraid of condemnation from the church, the fact that you have come to repentance is already a worthy act of a believer.

It is important to remember that to speak in confession about a sin according to which you have already confessed is not necessary, if it was not committed again. And, often, confession alone will not be enough. You need to ask God in prayers for forgiveness, to come to church as soon as you want it, to honor traditions and rituals.

The church advises that confession, like the sacrament, should be regular. Your confessor can tell you about the frequency of confession. Remember that it is the priest who will be your main helper in the observance of church rites.

As you can see, confession is a very complex mystery. Not everyone is ready for it. If you decide to confess, then you need to weigh the pros and cons for yourself, and your soul will tell you what to say in confession. Remember that repentance and the liberation of oneself from perfect sin is a long process that will require a lot of strength and patience from you.

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