What to see in Novgorod?

Veliky Novgorod is one of the oldest cities in Russia, retaining not only the amazing spirit of antiquity, but also a lot of valuable cultural heritage sites. In this article we will tell you what to see in Veliky Novgorod.

UNESCO World Heritage

More than 10 cultural monuments of Veliky Novgorod are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and, of course, these monuments deserve attention in the first place. Among them are the Novgorod Kremlin (plus the adjacent part of the city), Yaroslavo Dvorishche, Znamensky Monastery (plus the adjacent part of the city), Zverin Monastery, Anthony Monastery, Church of the Nativity of Christ on Red Field, Church of the Savior on Nereditsa, Perynsky Skit, Yuriev Monastery, etc. .

A complete list of the attractions of Veliky Novgorod, listed in UNESCO, can be viewed.

Novgorod Kremlin

The Novgorod Kremlin, or, as it is also called, Novgorod Detinets, is a whole ensemble full of the oldest and most beautiful monuments. Mention of the Novgorod Kremlin can be found in the annals of 1044.The Kremlin ensemble currently has 9 towers - Spasskaya, Dvortsovaya, Knyazhaya, Kokui, Pokrovskaya, Zlatoustovskaya, Metropolitan, Fedorovskaya and Vladimirskaya, 3 churches - Andrew Stratelates, Sergius of Radonezh, Entrance of the Lord in Jerusalem, and the Sofia Cathedral. In addition, on the territory of the Kremlin there are monuments to the Millennium of Russia, the belfry of the St. Sophia Cathedral, the Secret and Boyar water gates, the Lord's Chamber, the Hourly Call, the Eternal Flame of Glory memorial, the Nikitsky Corps and the Lord's Courtyard.

Even a simple walk around the Kremlin without visiting the numerous museums based on its territory will bring great pleasure, especially to connoisseurs of Russian culture.

Monasteries, temples, churches

In addition to UNESCO sites, there are other attractions in Veliky Novgorod that are worth attention. Firstly, there are various monasteries of the city, among which there are four - Khutinsky, Desyatinny, Derevyanitsky and Spirits. Each of the monasteries has a special atmosphere and history that you definitely need to hear.

Secondly, these are the Church of the Savior on Kovalev, Rev. Nikita Martyr and Nikola Kochanov, well, and finally, the Catholic Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.


Among the numerous museums of Veliky Novgorod, one can distinguish the Novgorod Museum-Reserve, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Vitoslavtsy Museum of Wooden Architecture. The Vitoslavsky Museum is not located in Novgorod itself, but is definitely worth a visit. The museum will immerse you in the atmosphere of past years, Russia Peasant. The museum exposition includes village huts, a chapel, churches and a mill.

Secular institutions

Among the secular sights, the Travel Palace, the Guardroom at the Petersburg Outpost, the complex of buildings of the Bohemia Medopivarny brewery, the building of the Main Post Office, the Government Building of the Novgorod Region, the Novgorod Academic Drama Theater named after FM Dostoevsky deserve attention. The traveling palace was built in 1771 by order of the great Empress Catherine II to rest after a long journey of persons belonging to the upper class. Today the palace is used as a center of culture and leisure, it also includes a wing and a wonderful park.

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