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Molly Shannon is a popular film and television actress. She is known for her roles in such films and serials as “Shaggy Special Forces” (2003), “Year of the Dog” (2007), “Fresno” (2015), “Divorce” (2016), etc. At the same time, the area of ​​her activity is mainly refers to the comedy genre. In the article we will take a closer look at the filmography of the actress.


Molly Shannon, whose photo can be seen below, was born in 1964 in Shaker Heights, Ohio, in the American-Irish family, where her mother (Mary Margaret) taught at school, and her father (James Shannon) worked as a sales manager.

Molly ShannonMolly attended the local St. Dominic School, then Hawker School in northeastern Ohio. After moving to New York, she graduated from the University of Manhattan and the Tisha School of Art. At the moment, Molly Shannon is one of the most sought after Hollywood actresses. It all began with the small role of Meg in Dwight H. Little's horror film “Phantom of the Opera” (1989).

Carier start

Two years after her debut, the actress appeared in the second season of the mystical series Mark Frost and David Lynch's Twin Peaks (1990- ...). Then appeared in five episodes of the Fox comedy series “In Bright Colors” (1990–1994).She played in one episode of the sitcom channel NBC "The John Larroquette Show" (1993-1996). And she tried herself in the role of Tracy in the Farhad Mann melodrama "Merging two moons: Return" (1995).

In 1998, Molly Shannon starred in Todd Solondz’s play Happiness. She deserved one of the main roles in the musical comedy by John Fortenberry "Night at Roxbury" (1998). A year later, Mary Catherine Gallagher played Bruce McCulloch's comedy melodrama Superstar. And then the supporting role deserved in Sidney J. Fury's film “My Five Wives” (2000).

Molly Shannon MoviesIn 2001, the actress starred in the adventure comedy by David Wayne "Hot American Summer." Two years later, together with Ashton Kutcher and Tara Reed appeared in David Zucker's melodrama, “My Boss's Daughter.” She played a major role in the fantasy comedy of John Hoffman "Shaggy Special Forces". Then the actress played the role of Trish in Bruce Leddy’s musical drama “Wedding Weekend” (2006) and Marilyn in David Zucker's parody comedy “Scary Movie 4”.

Next stage in a career

In Mike White's comedy drama Year of the Dog (2007), Molly Shannon was entrusted with the role of the main character, Peggy Spade. She played the role of Penelope Little in Jonathan Glatzer's comedy drama “Spare Glass” (2009).And voiced by Tina Hellman, an attractive, strong-willed, but hot-tempered and stubborn woman, in the Pam Brady animated series “Neighbors from Hell” (2010).

Also, the actress acted as Nancy in two episodes of the comedy series Emily Spivey “All Night Long” (2011–2012). Her work can be assessed in four episodes of the dramatic series of the HBO channel “The Enlightened” (2011–2013), where she played Eileen, Assistant General Director of Abbadon, for which she was twice nominated for prestigious awards. She is also known as Heather Daltry in David Zucker's parody of “Scary Movie 5” (2013).

Molly Shannon photoIn 2014, actress Molly Shannon played a minor character in the comedy horror film Jeff Bane “If your girlfriend is a zombie.” A year later, she received a small role in Alfonso Gomez-Rehona’s drama “I, Earl and the Dying Girl” (2015). And she played in the dramatic comedy Jamie Babbitt “Fresno” (2015) about a small quiet town in which something criminal had finally happened.

Modern period

In Sam Friedlander's Superstuart (2015), Molly sang Emily McCoy. Again tried on the image of Gale in the comedy mini-series "Hot American Summer",which is a prequel of the painting by David Wayne. Played Joanne Mulkahi - one of the main characters of the comedy drama Chris Kelly “Other People” (2016). For this role, the actress was nominated four times, but received only one award at the Independent Spirit Award.

actress molly shannonShe then embodied the image of Pam Walton in the sports comedy Nathan Edloff “Miles” (2016). One of the main roles Molly Shannon played in the comedy series Sharon Horgan “Divorce” (2016). A year later, she starred in Jeff Baen's comedy film “Small Clock” (2017). And in the same year, she played a minor character in the American drama Pir Pedersen “We have no place here” (2017).

We are waiting for new products

Among the latest works of the actress stands out comedy Aleteya Jones's "Merry Mommies Dinner" and William H. Macy's film "Parking". In addition, she traditionally performed the role of Gale in the eight-part continuation of the David Wayne project - “Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later” (2017).

It remains only to wait for new films with Molly Shannon, which will premiere at the end of 2017. It’s about the historic comedy Madeleine Olnec Untitled Emily Dickinson Project and the melodrama of Heather Graham Half Magic.

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